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City Paper Uses Craigslist, House Blog as Reportorial Tools;
Or: Does anyone have a good anecdote about public urination?

With the Washington Post now soliciting sources via Craigslist, we'd hate to be late to the party.

With this in mind, and in the spirit of UGC, I'm putting out a call for factoids/tirades/anecdotes relating to public urination in and around the District.

Ever been arrested? Ever spotted for a friend? Ever ratted someone out? Ever squirmed your way, bladder full of empathy, through a performance of Urinetown?

If any of the above applies to you, please email me. You'll be richly rewarded, most likely in the form of a karmic exemption from kidney stones.

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  • Dave

    I once peed on the Pentagon. Does that count?

  • Ted Scheinman

    Yes, that counts.

    Care to give me the whole story? Email address embedded above.....