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Update: SIX Flagging

Dan Snyder's post-prosperous theme park chain, Six Flags, is borrowing a page from the Redskins playbook in an attempt to return to its glory days.

Just as Snyder brought back Joe Gibbs in 2004 with the Redskins hitting bottom, Six Flags is pinning its future to the return of....Mr. Six!

There's been message board chatter about a comeback by the pedophilishy bald old dude mascot for months.

Now, it looks like the rumors are about to become reality.

At a recent convention of theme park enthusiasts, says one attendee, Six Flags' spokesperson Brooke Gabbert told the gathered coaster obsessives that Mr. Six will be the focus of the company's marketing campaign for 2009.

Mr. Six predates Snyder's reign atop Six Flags. One of Snyder's earliest decisions after taking over the company in late 2005. after all, was to jettison the creep.

But, by now, everybody looks back at the days with Mr. Six as the face of the franchise as a Golden Age.

That was, after all, a time when Six Flags stock (SIX) could be sold for $11.93 a share.

The stock price went to poop as soon as Snyder started implementing his rebuilding strategy. After sinking as low as 16 cents a share, SIX has been waddling from 31 cents to 33 cents and back for a couple months now.

It didn't help that Snyder's pick as Mr. Six's replacement, an unnamed Asian character who screamed "More flags! More fun!" a lot, only brought complaints that Six Flags was racist.

Keep the dial right here for all the breaking news in Snyder's Six Flags soap opera.

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  • Sherry

    Interesting take. Especially seeing as how the stock jumped to 11.93 with the announcment of the takeover and it had been hoving in the 6.00 range prior to it.

    Nobody in their right mind would view Kieren Burke and Co.'s reign of Six Flags as a Golden Age, it's their fault for buying so many parks and installing nothing but coasters in them that got Six Flags into the debt load and general financial mess that it's in right now. They ruined the great environments, great shows, and clean parks of the Time Warner Age, and the new regime, (Snyder, Shapiro and Co) is a return to that. They are really doing some great things, (and some crappy things, trust me, I'm aware of that) But with rides like X2 (A problem ride 'X' at the L.A. Park was fixed and new effects were added, a great addition in my opinoin) The Dark Knight Coasters (Great Family rides, with decent and immersive theming on the level with Busch parks, or the crappy Snow White Ride at Disney World) The Glow in the Park Parades (I'm not a personal fan, but they have been a big hit from what I've seen) The Wiggles Themed Areas and Thomas Towns (Great new Characters getting a demographic we didn't have before into the parks) The Tony Hawk Coasters (which are great family rides) and the Tony Hawk Shows (which have proved to be a HUGE draw) Concert series getting celebrities (or soon-to-be celebrities) in the park and creating buzz. All of these things are SPECTACULAR additions to the Six Flags brand, and the fact that I can even say that Six Flags is a Brand is a spectacular addition to the Six Flags Brand, Because I couldn't have said that in 2004.

    Now Trust me, I know that not every decision has been a good one. The whole Locker thing is a terrible idea, it creates hassles for employees and guests, and presents the image of the guests being nickel and dimed, plus people get angry when they realize they can't even bring their souvenier bottles or purses into the ride lines. The advirtisments thorughout the parks are total eyesores, I can understand a sponsorship job here and tere for rides, and an occasional Cold Stone, Or Johnny Rockets, but not every food stand in the park needs to be branded with things like "We serve Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream!" Or "We serve Tyson Chicken!" Also it's been very apparent that Budgets have been going down, as it ALWAYS seems like they are short-staffed nowadays (or rather, last summer), and show products at all the parks were killed by the crappy Dick Clark Shows.

    But all in all they are still 10x better then the team they ousted, I would rather that the parks became balanced with their ride lineups, and became a place where the family could have fun together. They still have some work to do, but they have also made some great steps.

  • Gordon

    If you had bought SIX at $0.16, you could have doubled your money by now! :-) I bought at $0.52 per share, and still expect to make money on it.