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Hipster Country

DCist has a way early look at the H Street Country Club. Let's see: ironic name? Check. Godzilla breathing fire? Check. D.C.-themed mini-golf? Check. Re-purposed thrift-store junk? Check. Bowling alley style booths? Check. All that's needed is some Vampire Weekend on the stereo.

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  • margo

    Sounds like the sort of place Cherkis would hang. King of the wannabees, you are.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Margo. I'm too old to be a hipster or a wannabe.

  • Jim

    Awesome! So, now that Cherkis is making fun of places before they actually open, I feel justified in making fun of the posts he hasn’t written yet.

    Let’s see: Smug outrage? Check. Condescending attitude? Check. Uninformed bloviating? Check. Re-purposed and better reporting that was done by someone else? Check. All that’s needed is some punctuation that would make a junior high student blush.

    Or he can just suck the life out of a crime story that would sing in most other hands.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Oh Jim! Now that you've seen my future blog posts and commented here, does that mean you don't have to post inane comments for each one?