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You Hear the One About the Gold Medalist and the Bong?

Sally Jenkins makes fun of pot smoking in her Washington Post column today.

As she should: Pot smoking is funny. Pot smoking a punch line in every movie or sitcom dealing with adolescence. On That '70s Show, pot smoking is practically a character.

All Jenkins' one-liners about pot smoking make the Post Magazine story about a SWAT team shooting up a house and killing dogs and terrorizing families over pot even tougher to absorb.

Michael Phelps' arrest will be good for America. That photo of him working a bong should hang in every judge's chambers in the country.

Smoking pot is better used as a punch line than as a reason to put somebody in jail.

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  • Mike Riggs

    Or we--cancer patients, stressed-out banker types, curious college kids, moms & dads, 'erbody--could just use it without pretending that in exchange for decriminalization/legalization, we'd owe drug warriors our dignity.

  • Dave McKenna

    you should start up a DC chapter of "Bong Hits With Dignity"...

  • Mike Riggs

    O. M. G. That's brilliant. I'll start by making some tees.

  • J

    with the city paper logo on the back. $9.99 a piece