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Audit of Inaugural Security?

Just another case-in-point attesting to why the official probe is Washington's biggest industry. In the aftermath of the inauguration, the Washington Post gave air to complaints from high-flying Obama donors that they weren't frisked extensively enough before being allowed into sensitive areas. If ever there was a more pointed affirmation of a charmed life–complaining about not enough security!

Now a congressman is pushing for an audit of security, on the following basis: "In the interest of ensuring the integrity of Secret Service protective operations, and the security of our nation's leaders, I request that you audit the Secret Service protective security plans for the Inauguration, investigate and identify any deficiencies in security operations," wrote Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.) in a letter to some big shot at the Department of Homeland Security.

How 'bout this deficiency, Mr. Congressman?

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  • IMGoph

    oh jeez, thompson, can we please waste our resources on something else that actually matters?!?

  • sock puppet

    If there is ever a time to be anal, it's during an official probe.

  • Mike Licht

    Does this mean the Purple Tunnel Mass Choir won't be appearing at the upcoming National Bollard Festival?