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Adrian Fenty Lunches With Michelle Obama

At Georgia Brown's. So says Reliable Source.

Seriously, Georgia Brown's?

Dunno if that was your idea, Mr. Mayor, or yours, Mrs. First Lady, but you both need some better culinary counsel. I mean, how much more Clintonian can you get?

LL thought this was a new day for America!

UPDATE, 4:45 P.M.: Apparently GB's was the Fentys' idea. Jill Biden—ahem, Dr. Jill Biden—was there, too.

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  • Bill Phyzban

    Not sure if Mike has ever had the Fried Green Tomatoes or Gumbo...but the man is out of bounds to say that Georgia Brown's isn't worthy of a visit. My mom and dad grew up in the south; NC and SC, and they raised me on the good stuff.

    We can't eat half smokes from Ben's everyday.

    Wm. Phyzban

  • Ann

    Mayor Fenty's conversation with First Lady Michelle Obama:

    "Let's see: Crime is out of control. The schools are worse than when I took over. Yes, tax money was stolen, tracing back to when I was on City Council and I didn't go after getting the money back from the bank when we could have. Redevelopment for poorer or more challenged areas is unimportant. My motorcade is busy so we have to run lights at times even though the president doesn't. I overspent for the summer jobs program and that's my bad. I fire people and demand that everyone else in my adminstration does it or I'll fire them, too. I can get around laws: I'm in charge. Yes, I let people not pay the bills for the baseball stadium. What is it to you? Yes, I let DC United escape. This food sucks you wanna go get a half-smoke?"

  • Babs

    I have self hatred do you?


    Yes, Yes. I understand what the man is saying about Georgia Brown. I am from the northeast--bron and raised here. Many years ago, when I travelled to DC from New York on a regular basis. The woman I was "keeping company with" was a doctoral student at Howard. She liked the famous Florida Avenue Bar & Grill. Man-o-man! The food was so greasy that it almost slid off the plate itself. They needed a heart surgeon right on the premises. The President and First Lady are really advocating a kind of cosmopolitan neo-Soul cusine--low fat, fish, vegetables--that sort of thing. The soul food establishments are great, but the diet itself is doing nothing for black folks at all.