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National Mall May Need To Be Restored

WTOP reports that 3.8 million feet trampled the National Mall during Obama's inauguration. That's what you get when you want an inauguration for the people! The National Park Service plans on assessing the potential damage in the coming days:

"A bond has been set aside for the National Park Service to refurbish the National Mall. The National Park Service will determine how much it will take from the bond once it assesses the condition of the Mall.

Once the turf itself is inspected, officials say it's likely some portions of the Mall will be sectioned off for months.

'The point will be to fence it off with snow fencing for three, four, five months, to allow that turf to regenerate, to regrow, to water it, to reseed it and to make it look as good as we possibly can,' Line says.

One saving grace for the Mall is that the inauguration took place in the middle of the winter – when the grass really isn't growing at all.

'We have to look at what damage there could be into the spring and the summer, when people are going to expect it to look green,' Line says"

It seems like a lot of the Mall will be closed off until summer. Just a guess. The Mall looked pretty trashed in certain sections. At least that's what I saw.

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  • Pop Cesspool

    If they had waited to build the Native American museum, they could've used the Mall's trampled, hardened, lifeless earth as adobe bricks or whatever.

    Think synergy, people.

  • Fred



    BEGGING you.

    Please please please fix up your homepage. It is HORRIBLE. So user-unfriendly. Please. FIX it! It's awful.

  • dave

    Wow, $200MM for grass?? Why not just install sports turf on it. It’s constantly getting trashed every year from all the people. The sports turf would last decades and probably cost a lot less initially too. Plus people could use it more since it would dry faster if they install drainage underneath.