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Me and Governor Sportstalk

I wore my $14 suit to an inaugural ball tonight.

When Joe Biden came by, he gave a shout-out from the stage to the governor of Pennsylvania, and the guy standing beside me started waving his arms and yelling nice things at the new Vice President.

I was next to Ed Rendell!

Rendell's my favorite governor, even though the only things I know about him are that he's a huge Philly sports fan and that he's appeared on the Eagles post-game shows for years.

So I took the opportunity to tell him sorry about what happened in Arizona. I figured the Eagles' NFC Championship loss would still be on his mind no matter how great a day this was for Rendell's political party.

I figured right.

"That last play was pass interference," Rendell said in that dog-bark of a voice he uses when he's excited.

Then, as any good Philly sports fan would, after starting out blaming the refs for the loss, Rendell recounted the Eagles miscues that he also felt cost them a trip to the Super Bowl.

"We shoulda had their guy at the 50 on that 4th down," he huffed. "But...."

Rendell told me he's going to the Super Bowl anyway, to root for his state's other team.

Now I wanna move to Pennsylvania just so I can have a governor like that.

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  • Jule Banville

    I had a Rendell moment or two myself as a reporter in Erie. Mainly these involved Big Ed's legendary lack of control at keeping food in his mouth while talking and/or guffawing. Love that guy.

  • al gonzales

    Rendell is a total asshole. He was the first Democratic Party official to throw Gore under the bus in 2000.
    Any positive comments just show how ignorant people are, & how misguided. He's a football fan, & he talks while he has food in his mouth, & you love him? That's just the way we got that idiot Bush in the White House - ignorant, misguided simpletons.

  • Jule Banville

    You know what's funny, Al? Being a governor of a big, populous state isn't only about who you support in a presidential campaign. It's also not what sports team you like or how much you enjoy food. It's actually about how you govern your state. Hate on us for our single issues (football, food) but make sure you get out the blinders on yours (poor Al Gore).