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Hey, Congress: Get Over the Million Man March and Let the Park Service Start Estimating Again!

For City Paper's current issue I wrote about Butch Street, the National Park Service analyst who used to provide the media with an official crowd estimate at inaugurations and other large events on the Mall.

Congress kicked Street and his agency out of the estimating business for DC events after the controversy over the size of the Million Man March in 1995. Street said 400,000 showed up; organizer Louis Farrakhan wanted the government to declare a crowd in the seven-figures, to match the title of his gathering.

So, there's no official arbiter anymore.

And news accounts of yesterday's concert on the mall show how mussed up historical records will be until the Park Service gets back at it.

CBS says "a crowd of tens of thousands" showed up to see Springsteen.

Radio Free Europe told its audience "some 75,000" were there for Aretha Franklin.

The Irish Times wrote that "a crowd of hundreds of thousands" showed up to see Bono.

Richard Nixon's hometown paper, the Whitter Daily News went with "more than 300,000."

The Sudbury Star of Canada divulged that the president-elect "enthralled a crowd of 500,000."

Britain's Daily Mail was less conservative, reporting that when Obama spoke at the concert, he was "facing more than half a million people."

Far as I can tell, as diverse as these numbers are, nobody guesstimated that a million folks showed up.

Farrakhan must be pleased.

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  • Jack Carter

    The hypocrisy of the media in reporting about large
    gatherings on the Mall like the Million Man March, various concerts and the recent Obama Nation inaugural
    event knows no limits. In all of the reporting I heard about Obama's inaugural, various comparisons between the crowds for it and the turnouts for the Martin Luther King "I Have a Dream" speech (1963), the American Bicentennial Celebration (1976), the Million Man March (1995) and even LBJ's inauguration were made, but I never heard a single reference to the PromiseKeepers Stand in the Gap Solemn Assembly of Men of October 4, 1997 when the Mall was absolutely jammed with 2,000,000+ Christian men between Independence and Constitution Avenues on the north and south all the way from the Capitol reflecting pool in the east to well beyond the Washington Monument in the west. I'm no crowd size expert by any means, but an aerial photograph of the Obama inauguration I have in my possession shows crowds that don't come anywhere near to filling the Mall like the PK event that I attended. And your article above is correct, the Park Service was so hung up about being sued by Farrakhan when its estimate of the crowd size for the Million Man March came in at only 485,000 in 1995 that it refused to issue an official estimate of the crowd size for the PK event in 1997. And then more recently, in typical God-hating, anti-Christian fashion, the media consistently refused to give the PK event any credit for its record turnout or to make any comparison between it and the more ethnically and politically correct Million Man, King speech and Obama inauguration events. I don't think the media can even be trusted any longer to tell us the plain truth about anything, their reporting is so brazenly agenda-driven. The media only report favorably about the personalities, causes and events they agree with and then shamelessly support them while slamming or ignoring the personalities, causes and events they disagree with. Most contemporary media reporting is a crock of warmed-over dog crap as far as I can see (or smell), and the bulk of the mainstream media no longer have any journalistic integrity at all. None.

  • Dave

    I went to a quiz night at a local bar once, and one of the team names was "I Lost My Promise Ring In Your Ass."

  • http://betrayalofscience jw

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    Hear Voices Inside Your Head?

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  • Heister

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