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Rhee and KJ!

Hot news tip on the inaugural party/local romance front: D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and former Phoenix Suns guard/current Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson were seen walking hand in hand into the 9:30 Club just shy of 8:00 pm. The two have been seeing a lot of each other in recent months, as Rhee assisted Johnson in his victorious mayoral run and also kept in very close contact as Johnson has launched his administration. The hand-in-hand thing comes from the reporting of Washington City Paper's Loose Lips correspondent, Mike DeBonis. No telling whether holding hands represents a decision by Rhee to come clean beyond what she told the Washington Post's Reliable Source just last month: "I appreciate you asking me directly," she said. "My stance has been that I don't comment on my personal life."

Reporting by Mike DeBonis, writing by Erik Wemple

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  • incredulous

    What an imaginative way out, after breaking so many careers, hearts; and probably hurting teacher families, too. The witch on the Newsweek cover, once the princess to one mayor, may become the queen/wife of the mayor of the state capital of the largest and Golden State. Mayor KJ will get invitations to shoot hoops with Barack and Arnie. "Bye, bye Adrian. You're nasal, unimaginative, non-entrepreneurial, and you lied to me about graduating from a DCPS high school. This town's getting too crowded with Michelle's, anyway"

    I thought the Chancer's way out after 2-3 years of destruction would be to headmistress tony private school in the area, where she'd be a splendid fund-raiser among parents and alumni without having to deliver ever-more-scarce foundation money. (They've taken a financial hit, and their expert review panels are smarter than her Mayor and Victor in looking for evidence and plans.) Those same foundations don't hire labor contractors, except in their personnel offices, either. John Deazy from Prince Georges's got the education spot at Gates Foundation.

    Can't someone accelerate this romance,though? She'd as much like to leave before a catastrophe as Bush would have been happy to be gone before having to hand the government over to Paulson.


  • incredulous2

    KJ must feel like he's lucky year again. There was only one previous year he scored well from long distance; way back in 96-97.'cept when he came out of retirement. Then he was a perfect 1-for-1.

    Three-point field goals: 1987-88, 5-for-24 (.208); 1988-89, 2-for-22 (.091); 1989-90, 8-for-41 (.195); 1990-91, 9-for-44 (.205); 1991-92, 10-for-46 (.217); 1992-93, 1-for-8 (.125); 1993-94, 6-for-27 (.222); 1994-95, 4-for-26 (.154); 1995-96, 21-for-57 (.368); 1996-97, 89-for-202 (.441); 1997-98, 4-for-26 (.154); 1999-2000, 1-for-1. Career: 160-for-524 (.305). Playoffs: 22-for-90 (.244).

  • incredulous

    Is Rhee an NBA retiree groupie? Does the AP know the difference between KJ & Magic? No corrections or comments posted yet. Wemple and LL don't tolerate such errors any more than Rhee does among her principals.

    Or, I'm mistaken. But, if Adrian's cool with Rhee being squired by Magic wearing a KJ mask..... just love the one your with...

    "Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty and his wife Michelle, left front, and former basketball star Earvin "Magic" Johnson, right, and DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee pose for a photo in the risers near the main platform on the West front of the U.S. Capitol prior to the swearing-in of President-elect Barack Obama in Washington, Tuesday Jan. 20, 2009. (AP Photo/Donna Cassata)"

  • incredulous2

    Hey, the older man wanted for Hibachi-ness, too. But, oh, did his willingness to throw up so many open other scoring opps... and the moves for a big inside game. "Out th' way, KJ. More kids and adults leave my movie houses happy in one weekend than ever in the whole history of your schools."

    Three-point field goals: 1979-80, 7-for-31 (.226). 1980-81, 3-for-17 (.176). 1981-82, 6-for-29 (.207). 1982-83, 0-for-21. 1983-84, 6-for-29 (.207). 1984-85, 7-for-37 (.189). 1985-86, 10-for-43 (.233). 1986-87, 8-for-39 (.205). 1987-88, 11-for-56 (.196). 1988-89, 59-for-188 (.314). 1989-90, 106-for-276 (.384). 1990-91, 80-for-250 (.320). 1995-96, 22-for-58 (.379). Totals, 325-for-1074 (.303).