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Oz and the Aloha Inaugural Ball

The people behind the Aloha Inaugural Ball appear to have been watching a bit too much tube.

How else would they have thought to associate President-elect Barack Obama with one of the biggest frauds in the history of classic Hollywood cinema?

Let's back up and explore. A fellow by the name of R.J. Hampton stood before the masses at the Aloha event and just moments ago belted out a tune that goes to the following effect:

We're off to see the tune of the Wizard of Oz.

In recent months, Obama has been compared to a lot of great men, including the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., not to mention a boatload of mythical and legendary heroes. But if memory serves, the Wizard of Oz was a bumbling, lying, ninnie of a man.

How, then, Mr. Hampton, did you conceive of a parallel between Mr. Obama, whom everyone is presumably feting this weekend, and the man behind the curtain? "We felt like we were going to Oz—this incredible journey," replied Hampton, who also noted that Obama is "like the wizard, only he's the president."

Celeb note: George Clinton is supposedly in attendance and expected to perform.

Reporting by Jason Cherkis, writing by Erik Wemple

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  • rj

    I love it when the press doesn't get it.
    We're off to see Obama in washington dc
    we're going there
    to here him swear
    to work for you and me
    If ever oh ever a Prez there was
    Obama is it because because
    We can,we can, we can...
    Obama he's a heck of a man
    We're of to see Obama in Washington DC....

    here let me educate you as to the definition of a parody.

    Parody music, or musical parody, involves changing or recycling existing (usually very well known) musical ideas or lyrics - or copying the peculiar style of a composer or artist, or even a general style of music. Although the result is often very funny, and this is the usual intent - the term "parody" in musical terms has a slightly different meaning from the general term, as it includes some kinds of quite serious (or at least not intentionally humorous) re-use of music. Parody of music has probably existed as long as music itself, but in the 20th century it has emerged as a category of music in itself.

    So if you don't see this then I have nothing else to say except ,"Theres no place like home"
    oh yes the parody was inspired by the fact that I work for a woman who is called endearingly Auntie Em
    rj hampton

  • rj

    sorry about the misspelling

    "hear him swear"


  • Jason Cherkis

    Thanks for printing the full lyrics to your parody!

  • Jason Cherkis

    I applaud your enthusiasm for both song writing and parody songs!

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  • Tiffany Edwards Hunt

    Thanks for the heads-up, Mr. Wemple, and RJ's name is a Ms., as the R is short for "Roxanne." I have blogged about your blog entry at I sure hope you know, while 'the people behind the Aloha Inaugural Ball appear to be watching a bit too much tube,' but we're not all out here watching cartoons.
    Thanks for your constant effort to enlighten us on parodies, RJ. Please take my advice.


  • http://WWW.JordanConsultants.US Brian Jordan

    Dear Mr. Wemple,
    I really think and in depth interview of Councilwoman Naeole and Ms.Hampton would provide you with a very interesing article. The OZ song is merely the tip of the iceberg. Please catch the Swaggart like religious show.
    The fact is they represent my present home District. Having growm up in the District of Columbia I would be delighted if a descriptive article was written and published in the D.C and Honolulu papers. Marion might look good after catching their complete show.

  • damon