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America Needs You, Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen killed the mall crowd and a national radio audience (I was a part of the latter) by co-leading a version of "This Land Is Your Land" with Pete Seeger.

That's as great an American tune as has ever been written. As the world sees it, Springsteen is his generation's greatest American songwriter.

The setting was totally American.

Except for that dang Takamine guitar Bruce was strumming.

Takamine's a Japanese product that Spingsteen has long endorsed.

This country's in some trouble on the manufacturing front. We don't make anything anymore that the rest of the world wants except cluster bombs and guitars.

When it comes to guitars, in fact, we still rule. In the last 60 years, there hasn't been a picker on the planet that hasn't coveted our Gibsons, Fenders and Martins.

Woody Guthrie, the guy who wrote "This Land Is Your Land," was known for painting his rockin' slogan, "This machine kills fascists!," on Martin guitars.

Come back, Bruce. Your country needs you.

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  • Steve

    I'm sure he has a musical reason for playing them. The guy can afford any guitar he wants...I'm sure he owns a Martin, but obviously he likes the feel of the Tak. Regardless of their country of origin, they make some really nice acoustic a guitar player, I can say that it's such a personal thing, full of so many intangible factors, that sometimes the reason you become attached to a certain instrument can't really be explained in words, it just feels right.

    Also, another reason might be simply the nature of the shows Bruce does. The electronics in the Takamine may lend themselves to a better sound over large PA's, where the intricacies of the sound of a $2,000 Martin guitar wouldn't make a difference.

  • Git-tar pickr

    "...cluster bombs and guitars."
    Ha! That is too funny.
    Tell 'em about it McKenna.

  • That’s All You’ve Got

    Wow. So that's the sound the bottom of the barrel makes when you scrape it, huh? Truly idiotic post.