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Inauguration Hype Watch: 750 Hotel Rooms Still Available

The inauguration may not be such a boon to one local industry—the hotels. Everyone might be saying that millions will be flooding our streets, dining in our restaurants, and filling our metro cars. But there are still plenty of hotel vacancies still available. WTOP notes that there are in fact 750 rooms still up for grabs. D.C.'s tourism shop writes:

"Hotel rooms are still available in Washington, DC for the Inauguration, however, many properties require a 4 to 5 night minimum stay and pre-payment during this time period."

Maybe people checked out some of the balls and were like forget it. I'm sure those minimum stay requirements will disappear by the weekend.

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  • Arthur Delaney

    Two hyped-up inaug stories bite the dust--first the demand for rentals, now the demand for hotel rooms... Next: mall crowd size.

  • Matt

    Go to, and see all the hotel rooms there are to be had. Plus, not all of them are ridiculously expensive, and not all of them are out in the boonies.

  • Jason Cherkis

    great suggestion.