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Times Writer’s Definition of “Cool” May Differ From Yours

A note on Kim Severson's New York Times article about D.C. dining, which DeBonis mentioned earlier:

Marvin has a "cool, P. M. Dawn feeling during the week"?

Listen, I understand that there are a lot of people who'd like to pretend that the past eight years never happened. Drawing a line between P.M. Dawn, the Bush I/Clinton-era jazz-hoppers who last surfaced on Hit Me Baby One More Time, and "cool" is an entirely different matter.

Don't believe me? Watch the following video. If you still think your weeknights would be enhanced by partying like guys who sampled Spandau Ballet, well, actually, maybe you will enjoy living here.

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Severson, I'd appreciate an explanation if you get a sec.

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  • cljo

    Perhaps reality used to be a friend of Severson?

  • Jack Bauer

    I have been serving my country for the last... well I can't tell you how long because it is classified. But as a member of an elite group that fights terrorists, Kim Stevenson, I know a little something about PM Dawn, and U Street is no PM Dawn.

    Kim you write for the NY Times. How in any way does that make you any sort of authroity on DC. You probably don't even know who Chuck Brown, "Experience Unlimited" or Rare Essence are. Did you happen to visit DC for the first time since your Junior High field trip wanting to try this "Ben's Half Smoke" that the great and powerful "Cos" speaks of and notice the Obama Mural?

    Good Day to you, Madame!