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This Just In: Taylor Lautner to Return as Jacob Black in New Moon

(OK, so the announcement isn't exactly "just in." But until I can program RSS feeds to set off my alarm clock, I'll typically be as useful as dead-tree papers in terms of reporting breaking news.)

So, my dear Twilight fans: Taylor Lautner will be back, despite being toyed with by Summit Entertainment and the People Who Make Decisions these last few weeks that they may not want him for the franchise's second installment, New Moon. It's a pleasant surprise, considering that the widely reported rumors were practically eulogistic.

That's right, I said PLEASANT. I may have picked on director Catherine Hardwicke, writer Stephenie Meyer, and star Robert Pattinson for Twilight's tediousness.

But I blame Lautner for nothing — as Jacob, the Native American complication in the Bella-Edward love story, the erstwhile Sharkboy did good. He smiled, he charmed, he made the young girls cry. (Or at least squeal.) Way to go!

And now, let's hear from you. Don't be shy!

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  • Amanda Hess

    I knew you would come crawling back to "Twilight."

  • Sarah Godfrey

    I support this only if he grows his hair out for the role. In the books, Jacob has long, beautiful locks, but the wig Lautner wore in the movie was ugly and distracting. They need to fix that. Yes, I'm serious.

  • twilightfan :)

    I <3 Taylor!
    He Is so Cuute

    He Is So Totally Right For The Part ;)
    Go Himm!

  • Kira Clyler

    i <3 Taylor sooooo much and he is the best actor to play jacob!!!! he fits the part just right!!!!!!!

    TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Autumn Paige

    I am soooooo happy for him. I am an Edward person but i love Taylor for the part of Jake! I am so happy. I supported him through the whole thing and so did all these other people but i love him and am so happy!

  • andrea

    is the best choice!!! he is the only jacob black! i love taylor as jacob, i know that he´s going to be a fantastic werewolf for us!

    team jacob!!!!!!!!!

  • Paigeyyy

    your so gorg def hit me up on myspace

  • lena christoffersen

    omg! i think taylor lautner plays a really good jacob black cuz he just suits the part but like the one person said he should totally get a new wig....oh and im glad that hes staying the part because i hate it when the people make a second or third movie and it doesnt have the same charactors in it as the first movie and it just drives me crazy!!!:D go taylor!!!!!
    ~i <3 you taylor ~