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Our Morning Roundup: Choice Is so Overrated

Good morning, City Desk readers. It's Friday, Jan. 9, which means we'll have a new president in 11 days. Psyched? You totally should be–your City Paper is hard at work on a mind-blowing inauguration issue. Another reason to be psyched is that I've been mainlining coffee since 5 a.m., which means this roundup is gonna be a mutha-f'ing doozie. And now some news:

  • According to the Washington Post, Big Brother the Department of Homeland Security is moving to Anacostia: "After years of battling historic preservationists, the federal government won approval yesterday to build a massive headquarters for the Department of Homeland Security on a 176-acre hilltop site east of the Anacostia River." (I'm going to take this as an opportunity to plug Snitch Jacket, 9/11-Truther Len Bracken's anarchist/dystopian District novel!)
  • On the flip side, And Now, Anacostia has some positive planning news about the restoration of the house at 1312 U Street SE.
  • Fr33 Agents (a new political website based in Arlington) reports that Liberty Tavern, a favorite watering hole of NoVa libertarians, "has voluntarily gone smoke-free." It then went on to hosted a press conference at which Va. Gov. Tim Kaine pledged to make all of Virginia's bars smoke-free. Word on the (libertarian) street is that Liberty Tavern just lost a few patrons.
  • Michael Perkins (whose tiff with WMATA we blogged about yesterday) posted a great roundup of proposed transportation legislation in Va. The appallingly-statist standouts are HB 1659, which "would prohibit all non-emergency use of wireless devices while driving (even a bike), even while using hands-free devices"; HB 1698, which "requires people who are selling scrap copper and other nonferrous metals like catalytic converters (which contain platinum) to provide documentation that they actually own the scrap metal being sold"; and HB 1661, which "converts Virginia's "cents per gallon" tax on gasoline and diesel fuel into a percentage tax."
  • While we're on the topic of transportation, WMATA is threatening to sue Flex Your Rights (we wrote about Flex Your Rights' event at the Dupont Circle Metro back in October) over a servicemark violation–FYR used Metro's "M" symbol on its fliers advising passengers to boycott the bag searches. FYR's response? Bring it on.

That's it for me. Look for an afternoon roundup of weekend events, and I'll see y'all next Friday.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Wrote.

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  • Dave

    LibTav (as the kids are calling it these days) has been smoke-free since it opened in Apr. of 2007. Get yr facts straight.

  • Mike Riggs

    Thnx Dave. Corrected.

  • Dave


  • creativemeat

    When did strikeouts become some ethical form of transparency? And now we use them for jokes? Cmon mikey!

  • Mike Riggs

    @creativemeat: Is seeing strikeouts used for two separate purposes confusing? Should I stick with one version over the other? Should I have deleted the erroneous information and posted a correction in an italicized update at the bottom of the post?

    I'm totally open to suggestions on this one.

  • creativemeat

    I'm just saying, do we have to know you made a mistake/correction?

    I'm alright with using strikeouts for jokes as long as we leave the option of strikeouts for strikeout jokes that are unfunny. Is that even possible?

  • Will Atwood Mitchell

    I agree, the use of strikeouts in this article is confusing. The 'joke' use at the top sets up the wrong expectation for the 'correction' use below. Either the 'joke' should be changed to something like "big brother, err... the Dept. of Homeland security" or the correction should simply be made and then acknowledged.

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