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Need a Kidney? Try Your Neighborhood Listserv. Or Facebook.

Nora Greer, a 55-year-old woman who lives in Barnaby Woods, posted a message to the Cleveland Park Listserv in the hope of finding a kidney donor. It reads:

SOS. Next year I'll need a transplant as I slip closer to acute renal failure. I haven't been able to find a compatible match from family or friends. I'm seeking a healthy person with TYPE O blood willing to consider the donation of a kidney. I know it's a huge gift and can only come from a very special person. I'm desperately trying to avoid dialysis. The official waiting time for a cadaver kidney in DC is four to seven years. All donor expenses will be covered by the recipient.

She also posted to the Chevy Chase board and plans to put a message out on the Listserv for Tenley Circle. So far, she says, she's received well wishes, but no takers. She remains encouraged. Another woman who lives in Scarsdale, N.Y., Beth Abramowitz, received a kidney from a donor who read a plea on Facebook. The plea was posted by an old high school boyfriend and was read by a mother in Tallahassee, Fla., who agreed to give up an organ to a stranger. Abramowitz found out about Greer's appeal and got in touch to tell her to keep trying.

Greer's kidneys are 21 percent functional. As that number dips lower, she'll be forced to go on dialysis. Her doctor told her last summer she'll need a new kidney in 2009 and that she should start asking people she knows. It's a prospect that doesn't thrill her.

"Some of us have trouble asking for rides," she says. "It's a huge thing....Some people I know have come forward, but they're the wrong blood type, or they have physical limitations, or they're the wrong age."

This is a huge problem nationally—and in D.C., where Greer says there are more than 1,000 people in need of kidneys. "There are not enough cadavers, not enough people want to donate their organs."

Greer, a freelance editor and writer, came to D.C. from her native Chicago in 1977. She's married and does not have kids, in part because of the damage to her body caused by lithium treatments administered before she moved here. (She is diagnosed with bipolar disorder; her family, she says, has a history with the disease.) The lithium, widely administered after gaining FDA approval in 1970, also scarred her kidneys, she says.  A study published by the National Institutes of Health states that renal damage is a known side effect and that "although this effect of lithium is probably functional and reversible early in treatment, it may become structural and irreversible over time."

Greer's ideal donor is between 20 and 60 years old, is Type O or Type-O compatible, and has no health problems. For her part, Greer plans to continue to pursue whatever legal means to find a kidney. "But it's scary to me. I'd probably be more of an expert on how to do this at this point, but I put it away some days. Sometimes I don't want to accept this is happening."

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  • damayanti

    I'm far away from your location, Indonesia..
    If it doesn't matter to you, it also doesn't matter to me.
    My blood type is O and i'm 35 years old..
    My be my kidney match for you..
    awaiting for your visit..


  • Rahul

    Iam a Hindu from Himachal Pradesh ( India ) , I like to donate my kidney, but i hope a little help. If u can help me by some money , how ever i am ready to donate my kidney, My age is 24 years
    B+ type. And no bad habits n no body dieseases if u
    contact me -

  • Admin

    Washington City Paper does not condone organ trafficking.

  • shades

    I would give my kidney away, but I am concerned about possible complication that could occur in the far off future, once I have returned home. I currently don’t have a medical aid. Is there an incentive program that could aid me incase issues arise? $$$
    White male
    Age 31
    Blood A+
    Never smoked
    Non drinker
    Very good health
    No blood/heart/lung diseases

  • Admin

    Washington City Paper has not changed its policy on organ trafficking.

  • Dave McKenna

    Forget the policy. If anybody's set on donating an organ, I've been dying for an old Hammond, or a Conn or anything with tubes. I got just the spot in my basement for it.

  • Mike DeBonis

    I'll take a Farfisa.

  • wilmer

    i would l;ike to helpyou 27 years olda no smoker , no drinker very healthy , 170 pounds 5'7" soccer player dayly

  • KCinDC

    Didn't the custom of entering things into a search engine and blindly typing your message into whatever form you find without bothering to see whether the page is what you thought it might be die out around the late 1990s? Apparently not.

    Presumably people are still sending e-mail queries about their eye ailments to the Editorial Eye, a newsletter I used to write for.

  • Raj

    Im B+ve, 38yrs old . Would like to help you , if my blood group type suites your need contact me on

  • Abdu

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