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Worst. Movie. Ever.

To those who wasted their time and money on this ludicrous bore, I'm sorry I couldn't warn you sooner.

And to those who still think the latest from Frank Miller might be worth a peek, trust me: Unless you happen to be tripping your brains out, the visuals can't save the tedium.

Scarlett Johannson will rue the day she agreed to call someone a "fart" on film. (Oh yes she did.)

<i>Stay the fuck away!</i>

Stay the fuck away!

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  • Arthur Delaney

    Best lede ever.

  • uniongal

    My kid wanted to see this in the worst way. I sat in the theatre, wondering how I could go from Frost/Nixon to this crap.

    I told someone else yesterday, that if you want to see a cartoon in live action, see this movie. And when I say cartoon, I mean comic book like lines, action, plots and cloring. If that's what you're into, go see if, you'll love it. But if you want a movie to make you laugh (at lines meant to be funny as opposed to random laughing at random violence), cry or think, or hell, just entertain you, then see something else.

    I really thought Hotel Hell was the worst movie I'd ever seen, but this one, might just take the prize.

  • Tricia Olszewski

    I wanted to leave within 30 minutes -- and I'm usually pretty amused by garbage, so that's really saying something.

    The only good thing that came out of sitting through it was the free passes the manager handed out because the movie started late. (Go, Royale! Nice proactive customer service, a concept I thought died a long time ago.)

  • Pop Cesspool

    Even the product placements were bad. Note to Converse, Bulgari, Aquafina and whoever supplied the cellphones: Your money was wasted.