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This Video Needs to Go Viral

It's not too cold for some pretty rad skating. And it's not too cold for a confrontation with a lawman. At least one WCP employee is feeling pretty proud right now.

way too cold from cole montgomery on Vimeo.

Nice to see Cole rocking the Target hoodie.

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  1. #1

    Yeah, that's really cool stuff... if you're 12 years old. ;)

  2. #2

    fuck you these dudes are gnarly

  3. #3

    lets keep this civil gents

  4. Stating the Obvious

    Go viral? It's not even YouTube worthy.

  5. #5

    These dudes got real potential. I know I would have fallen on my ass ridin' that Jersey Barrier. I'd like to see you all try some of those tricks. They may look simple but they're not. Trust me. I've tried 'em.

  6. #6

    you can't buy that radness. it runs in the family.

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