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Snyder’s DJs Ain’t on the Reservation

This morning on WTEM-AM, Steve Czaban announced that he was so upset with the Redskins performance in Cincinnati that he would be organizing a "Give Your Tickets to an Eagles Fan" promotion, or antimotion, for the Skins' last home game of the season.

Whether sincere or not, Czaban's bit was as gutsy as sports radio gets.

For the last several months, after all, Czaban has been working for Dan Snyder, who bought the only viable sports station in the market in the spring.

And after Snyder bought the station, management gave everybody at WTEM new e-mail addresses with the suffix "," just to remind 'em who they're working for.

Czaban and co-host Andy Pollin showed more fortitude by repeatedly reminding listeners that Vinny Cerrato, Snyder's sidekick and the team's executive vice president for football operations, wouldn't be showing up for his own WTEM show, which airs on Mondays and Fridays.

Cerrato has been missing his scheduled Monday air dates after losses since getting hammered by callers after the Redskins lost to the Giants.

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  • al gonzales

    Snyder is a punk, & Cerrato is his butt buddy. The "Redskins" front office is as dysfunctional as any in any professional sports in the world.
    The "Redskins" will never go deep in the playoffs or reach the Super Bowl as long as Dan "Punk" Snyder owns the team. Second, unless & until the racist "nickname" is changed, the "Redskins" will never have success.

  • Bill

    Al G.: My brother, you said it all, and you are absolutely right; there's a hex on "that team". Until they change the filthy name, and owner, they will be also rans for the rest of time !


  • Duke84

    Yes, the Redskins will never take home a SB trophy with that filthy, racist name.

  • SnyderSucks

    F Vinny and F Danny. Larry Michael is a d-bag.

    The team is a joke and the racist epithet needs to go.

  • Grumpy

    Couldn't agree more with Al G and SS.

    Snyder is Steinbrenner without the winning; I don't know what the hell Frank Herzog did. The chemistry has sucked since he left.