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Local Blogger Posts Thanks to Shoe-Thrower

Outside of the Busboys and Poets coffeeshop at 14th and V Streets NW, there's a large plexiglas box filled with shoes. It's called "The Empty Shoes of War," and each pair of shoes symbolizes an Iraqi civilian killed in the war. As a volunteer for Code Pink, local blogger and activist Nikolas Schiller had helped out with the event where the memorial was unveiled.

So when Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi whipped his shoes at President George W. Bush yesterday, Schiller was struck by the podiatro-political nexus. As he writes on his blog, "Last night I was reminded of the shoes in the memorial and conceived the idea of putting up a small guerrilla thank you note as a way to publicly thank al-Zaidi for doing something millions of people around the world would love to do if they were given the opportunity."

He put it on the plexiglas box:

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  • Wallace Brand

    Ninety-five percent or more of the Iraqi civilians killed during the war were killed by other Muslims.

  • http://www, Start Loving

    Mr. Brand, they would be alive today these 95% if you idiots had not gone in to steal his oil for Exxon.

    Well done Mr. DeBonis and Mr al-Zaidi.

    Shame on the rest of us for our silence, and therefore our complicity.

  • artfully wandering

    thank u nic. Ur activism helps further the message that we need to recognize our young men and women soldiers are not the only people suffering, but there are untold numbers of iraqis whose lives have been devastated by this illegal and unjust war. Kudos my fellow ethical american and world citizen!

  • DC

    I am in full agreement that Bush's policies have been a complete and utter failure, the like of which, I hope, will never be seen again.

    However, when someone chooses to attack the man instead of his policies and ideas, you lose me. And your message is lost on me.

    And I wonder why a shoe was never thrown at the guy who truly created this all. You know, the one in the spider hole. The one who was hung in an unknown location in the dead of night. Perhaps, the shoe-thrower, himself, would not have seen the light of day again.

    The shoe was thrown because he now lives a country where the leaders will NOT execute him for the ultimate insult. He threw the shoe from frustration and he threw it because he COULD and live to tell about it.

    Thank any of the American boys you see who have lived and died to provide that and the Commander-in-Chief who traded his sure comfort for a slim chance at theirs.

  • Joan Stallard

    I dispute the 95% data given by Wallace Brand. My sources say 30% were killed by USA and our contractors. That's the best-estimated 1 million Iraqi dead total, or 300,000 Iraqi dead we are responsible for.

  • Anna Mae

    Viva Muntazer al-Zaidi - and Viva Mike for the act of solidarity. I think we need to do more - 1) to ensure al-Zaidi is freed and not punished further, and hopefully honored one day by a sovereign Iraq - and 2) to echo Muntazer's gesture a thousand-fold in the dying days of the Bush regime. Why don't we have a shoe march to the White House or something?