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Obama Brings Good Cheer to Sidwell Friends

Portis/Zorn isn't the only rivalry to heat up around here lately: For Sidwell Friends/Maret, it's on.

On Saturday, Maret's basketball boys were leading Sidwell Friends on the road when the home crowd taunted the visitors with a chant ripped from the headlines:

"The Sidwell kids started yelling 'O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!' at us," a Maret parent who attended the game tells me.

The First Family Elect's first major post-election decision, of course, dealt with where to send daughters Malia and Sasha to school. Most reports had Maret and Sidwell as the finalists in the Obama sweepstakes.

After tours of both, Sidwell landed the kids for next year. So while Malia and Sasha aren't even enrolled there yet, they're already cheerleaders. And what the Sidwell fans were telling Maret with their "O-ba-ma!" chant was: "Even if you whup us at hoops, we still beat you in a bigger game!"

The Maret parent says Maret's administrators looked confused, and Sidwell's bemused, as "O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!" rained down from the grandstand.

Just words? Hardly.

"On the Maret side, that was insulting and incendiary," says the Maret parent, who requested anonymity. "How crass!"

Maret's side eventually responded by yelling "Oatmeal sucks!" — a play on Sidwell's nickname, the Quakers.

To add insult to insult: Perhaps inspired by the clever nastiness of the home fans, Sidwell came back and beat Maret by a point, 47-46.

A call to Sidwell's athletic director to get a comment on the fans' alleged un-Friendly chant hasn't yet been returned. But we'll follow this story and do everything journalistically possible to build the Sidwell/Maret rivalry into something that can last two terms.

The big news for now: There's a Sidwell/Maret rematch tomorrow night at Maret.

Come game time, the Maret kids will have had almost a week to come up with something better, or at least something bitterer, than "Oatmeal Sucks!"

The whole world is watching!

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  • Sykie Toles

    Hi Kids!

    I stumbled across this conversation and just had to comment! You all took me back to my high school basketball days and the things we would chant...I think the Obama chant was funny and creative and I love all y'alls school spirit on both sides. Don't get to uptight about it. We used to say much worse back in the 80's. I do have to ask though: ski goggles?

    Shout with me now...U-G-L-Y You ain't got no alibi YOU UGLY!

  • Joceeco

    I knew nothing of either school until the Obama's began searching for a school for their girls, but I can clearly see that Sidwell would be the school for me and my girls if we were in the market for a school in the D.C. area. In my opinion, Sidwell represents Obama during the Presidentila campaign and Maret represents old whining ass McCain and we know who lost the presidential race don't we! Sidwell will win everytime. Crying ass Maret, bunch of sissys.

  • Weezy f BABY

    Dear Sidwell,
    I am not going to lie but your school is ok. I tried to apply but I was not accepted freshmen year so i settled for Maret. Nevertheless, we beat you guys last night so boo-ya. You can suck my chode mutha truckaaassss.

  • Link

    LOL. Come on kids, show some grace like our incoming president.

  • sfs

    u want 2 talk baseball maret
    nick plebani nd sam coolidge will b fryin u guys this spring

    just thot id say that
    good game tho

  • Anonymous

    Again, people, the whole other sports argument is pointless and stupid.

    This was about basketball. Not any other sports.

  • inyoface

    for all of those sidwell fans who just commented on how stupid maret was....


    yepp, thats right.


  • Anon

    Haha. Maret finally wins a basketball game against Sidwell. Watch all the fans come out of the woodwork now.

  • sfs

    maret started the other sports talk by talking about football
    now that they finnaly win 1 basketball game they only want to talk about basketball which is what we wanted to do
    no team is perfectly good or bad, so maret is bound to beat sidwell in basketball once
    but sidwell is better than maret in every sport right now except football and maret sucks at football anyway

  • Sidwell

    To the kid above me: Just stop. Please.

  • dumbasses

    just stop

  • eric

    Adults that take youth sports this seriously disgust me. Grow up.

  • baised

    This is very funny. This article is written by a maret parent, and anyone at the game knows it is extremely baised. I guess thats just how maret does stuff.

  • Really?

    I'm guessing the Obamas may be reconsidering their decision in light of the way the school and students seem to want to exploit their daughters. Maret would seem to have taken themselves out of the running if the school decision is revisited.

  • Wow

    It's amazing how seriously people take the littlest things.

    Oh yeah, I'm sure the Obamas are going to reconsider their school decision for their daughters because of a funny chant by that school's basketball fans.

  • truplaya

    on da real sidwell is a school for some bamas, Maret gave yall da business friday night leave it at dat, none of yo fans wanted to hang around afta da game cuz dey knew they couldn't back up anything they had to say dey rolled up out of da skool quick as mug and on for da record Maret's Football is gona continue doggin Sidwell

  • Seriously?

    Why is this even an issue? it was a funny, light-hearted creative chant. Everybody needs to relax and take a deep breath. And stop commenting about everybody's grammar. This is not an english paper.

  • WOW

    To Public School Lackey: (number 98)

    Wow. It seems as if you feel you need to assert yourself as a decent speller.
    It's funny that you're drawing such a gross generalization about the education at a certain private school by "internet-spelling." I'd say it's pretty common knowledge that many people do not take the time to punctuate or spell correctly when writing on the computer.
    "We public school kids may not be rich, but at least we have a basic sense of respect and common decency."
    .....Hmm, I don't want to say you're bitter, but that could be the case. I know many, many public school kids, and to say that all of them are more respectful and "decent" than all private school kids is simply laughable. Maybe you should have been at the Wilson-Sidwell football game, where Wilson beat Sidwell in a good game, but disgraced themselves with gratuitous remarks and countless insults, coupled with raucous chanting.

    Think it over. You're wrong.

  • Soulja boy tell em


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  • InsideStory

    This was not that big of a deal- - It was blown out of proportion by many people.

  • Chill Out

    Everyone here needs to take a step back for a second to cool off. You're ranting over a sports chant.
    So I'd like to point out a few things:

    - The entire Sidwell school was not at the game; this should not represent all of Sidwell. Most of the people there were probably just swept up with the spirit of school competitiveness. Do not base your opinion of hundreds of people off of the actions of an excited few.
    - Sidwell is not just a fancy campus full of arrogant and sheltered rich kids, as it is being give the reputation of. There are many student families on financial aid and scholarships. To top that off, each and every student at Sidwell has worked extremely hard to be accepted into SFS, and still is.
    - You cannot definitely say that anyone who goes to a public school is better than someone from a private school, or vice-versa. That is a matter of opinion (how do you define "better"? Through decency, grades, morals, history, or generosity? Who can say?), and it depends wholly upon those being spoken of.
    - Just because some of the Sidwell-supporting commenters on this chat board have used innappropriate profanities, it does not mean that SFS will 'corrupt', 'use', 'brainwash', or do anything of the sort with the Obama daughters.
    - Keep in mind that this is an anonymous board. People may not be who they are, and may be using their anonymity to trash the other schools' reputations.
    - Put more faith in the choices of our future president! It's not like he signed up his daughters to be brainwashed with money, politics, discrimination, and superiority-complexes. I highly doubt that Obama will remove his daughters from Sidwell over a petty basketball game.
    - This article was obviously written by a highly biased author. (Somewhere above, I believe someone actually called the author an Maret parent, which would would make him extremely biased. I have not researched into this, though, and have no proof of that statement's turhtfulness.) Both groups of students that attended the game and threw insults at one another were at fault, with neither side more or less guilty than the other.
    - Actual sports scores are irrelevent to the issue presented.

    And to top it all off...

    - The Quaker Oats brand of oatmeal is originally Jewish, and has never actually reflected anything specifically Quaker-like.

    So please do not use this highly-questionable article or any of its crude, attached comments to it in your view of either Maret or Sidwell, or even Barack Obama and his family.

  • sfs applicant’s mom

    i am the parent of an applicant to both sidwell and maret, and frankly i'm horrified at the language and attitude of some of the sfs students. i know that this does not represent the entire school, but it does make a parent wonder. you really have no idea who is reading all of this posts. maybe your school administrators?!?

  • ohwow

    Oh pacifism and equanimity abounds in the Quaker community. That game was nonconference and Maret beat Sidwell handily the next week in MAC play.

  • Dave McKenna

    I'm super duper gay