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Vincent Gray on Senators’ Letter

Vince politely tells Dianne Feinstein and Robert Bennett to fuck off:

While I respect the views of Senators Feinstein and Bennett, having venues available for residents and visitors alike in which to spend time during the Inaugural celebrations for President-Elect Barack Obama will provide entertainment options in organized settings for people.

The legislation passed by Council of the District of Columbia last week to extend the hours that alcoholic beverages can be served in bars, nightclubs and restaurants is not unprecedented. On New Year’s Eve, a night of large crowds and celebrations, the city allows alcoholic beverages to be served until 4 AM. And, current law permits the sale of alcoholic beverages until 3 AM on Friday and Saturday nights.

However, I look forward to further dialogue with the Senators on this issue, as we work together to make this the best inaugural experience in our nation’s history.

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  • IMGoph

    good for you, mr. gray! i'm happy to see one of my elected officials standing up for my city against people who should have no say in how things are run on the municipal level here!

  • al gonzales

    DiFi sez, Suck my clit, Vincent. Now! & swirl! Punkass bitch, shine my shoes. I rule; you should go back to skool.

  • al gonzales

    DiFi sez, Vincent Gray – I got your balls in a drawer in my desk on Capitol Hill, & I’m slamming the drawer – NOW! hahahahaha Can you feel me? SLAM! Can you feel me, you punkass bitch? SLAM! Hahahahahaha

  • al gonzales

    Fight for your Rights, DC! General Strike – Day One Obama Administration – Shut DC Down on Jan 21! & shut down DC until we get the votes in Congress! One representative & two senators!

  • al gonzales

    Vince Gray is the biggest pussy this side of Britney. DiFi owns your dumbass, Vince. Come to mama & get your spankin'.

  • al gonzales

    Look - Vince Gray only runs his mouth; Di Fi has the purse strings & can overrule anything the punkass DC city council tries to do. So French kiss my dog's asshole, Vince, & smile when you do that, you punkass bitch.