City Desk

Man Vs. Mouse

My insane friend Tony is waging war against a mouse. He set up a series of elaborate traps and motion-activated surveillance cameras to catch the varmint on the stove. It's pretty weird. And pretty great!

Start with Chapter 1, "First Contact," and click NEXT to follow the demented tale from there.

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  • Mike Riggs

    Is your friend on disability? Who has that much time to hunt mice? Why didn't he go with the store-bought traps from day 1?

    I have so many questions.

  • Arthur Delaney

    He's the owner of a computer business:

    Probably all that stuff took less time than one would expect, because Tony is extremely talented with computers and gadgets and contraptions.

    If you have a computer problem, he can fix it!

    If you have a mouse problem, he can set up a series of elaborate traps and automated surveillance cameras!