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D.C. Examiner Needs Spell Check

This morning, the Examiner's Bill Myers dropped a sweet story on the D.C. Police Department's in-fighting over the Trinidad checkpoints. What makes the story so great is that Myers actually got the police department to respond to a FOIA and give him internal e-mails. So instead of boilerplate, he's got the good stuff. It seems Assistant Chief Diane Groomes really had some issues with the checkpoints.

The problem I have is with his own newspaper. In presenting it on the web, they bolded three topic points at the beginning of his story: "Diane Groome, Chief Cathy Lanier, Barricades." Which name did they spell wrong?

It's Groomes not Groome!

Hey Examiner, you finally got a good story and you screw it up with a freshman mistake!

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  • Jim

    It's a good thing you and your publication never make any idiotic mistakes like that. Otherwise you should be held up for public ridicule. Right?

    Also: zzzzzzzz.

  • Dave

    Yes, beware of the dreaded Murphry's Law:

  • Jim

    There's no hyphen in infighting.

  • Dave

    Murphry's Law strikes again! Cherkis was slapped down cold by the cruel copykilling mistress that is Murphry.

  • melanie

    They may need a fact checker, too. I refer to today's (12/31/08) D.C. Examiner, the Nation's page, Newsmakers column which contains a paragraph titled "Fetus Death Law."

    Unless it is the Federal nature of the New Mexico prosecutors' claim to be the first to use this law, I'd like to point out that Prince William County Virginia convicted Carlos D. Williams of killing a fetus on 12/19/2005, and by searching THE D.C. EXAMINER's own site found a 9/9/08 article stating that David Miller was found guilty of the same in Baltimore County.