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Extended Drinking Hours at Inauguration: It’s Official

The vote is 9-4 in favor of extending hours of alcohol service at local taverns and nightclubs until 5 a.m. in the days leading up to the inauguration.

The real drama was in a 8-6 8-5 vote as to whether nightclubs would be offered the extended hours or not. Here's who fought for your right to party: Harry Thomas Jr., Yvette Alexander, Marion Barry, Kwame R. Brown, David A. Catania, Mary M. Cheh, Jack Evans, and Vincent C. Gray.

LL ran down the drama.

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  • Adams Morgan

    You know that the Grahamstander will spin this differently, depending of course, on who he's talking to at the moment.

  • Reid

    Never was so much owed by so many to so few...

  • al gonzales

    Maybe they could finally count the medical marijuana votes, & those of us with prescriptions for the herbal medicine would be allowed to spark up with impunity.

  • frio

    8-6?? who's the secret 14th council member?

  • Mike DeBonis

    Frio indeed. I ain't so good at the maths.

  • Ian

    I thought it wasn't official until Fenty signed it, which, according to WTOP last night, isn't a foregone conclusion?

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