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Sarah Palin Talks, Man Kills Turkey In Video

Call it 2 Turkeys 1 Former Veep Nominee. No this is not a secret PETA video. This is the latest installment of Sarah Palin: The Swan Song.

Maybe this is the end of the media blitz. Maybe we will never see this clown again. Maybe we will never get to hear her whine about waving-the-white-flag-of-surrender, hear that bridge-to-nowhere lie, and watch her incite hatred at rallies, etc. I hope this is it.

Yesterday Palin appeared in Wasilla (I miss you Wasilla!) to pardon a turkey. After issuing her pardon, she did an interview with a local TV station (so long Greta). And, well, things go very wrong. Warning: this video is disgusting.

Via Huffington Post.

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  • donna from buffalo

    Oh! Disgusting! And cruel. Almost makes one want to be a vegetarian!

  • Mike Licht

    What's her recipe for Christmas Moose?

  • sara.h

    i prefer christmas mousse.

  • Mike Licht

    Other Republicans seem to have less turkey trouble.

  • movie fan

    from a PR standpoint, one might give Palin the benefit of the doubt... but seriously, she might stop and give her surroundings a bit more consideration before she goes on interviews that millions will end up watching

  • Mike Licht

    Movie Fan:

    Great account of this video shoot at

    Bear in mind that the Gov has a journalism degree (though she had to run through five schools to get it) and was a professional TV sportscaster. It seems her incompetence is not limited to government.

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