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Three Men Indicted In Dupont Circle Slaying

Three men were just indicted by a grand jury with obstruction of justice charges stemming from the investigation into the August 2006 homicide of attorney Robert Wone. All three were former roommates in a Dupont Circle house where Wone was found dead. Police say he had been drugged, sexually assaulted, and stabbed to death. As alleged details have leaked out about that night, Wone's death has become one of the most notorious in recent District history.

The U.S. Attorney's document on the case states: "From on or about August 2, 2006 through on or about August 3, 2006, within the District of Columbia, Joseph Price, Dylan Ward, and Victor Zaborsky, corruptly obstructed and impeded, and endeavored to obstruct and impede, the due administration of justice in an official proceeding, namely the criminal investigation into the murder of Robert Wone."

*photo courtesy of Model Minority.

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  • Stating the Obvious

    About. Fucking. Time.

  • Questioning the “Facts”

    Really? Or is this just another tragic twist in a sad story? Why would they wait this long if the facts presented are true? Why are all the reporters just recapping the affidavit? Sounds like a botched investigation by the police, a mismanaged prosecution and possibly the laziest reporting I have ever seen. I expect more from my justice system and free press.

  • Neutral

    To Questioning the "Facts":

    With all due respect, you watch too much "Law and Order". It is not uncommon for criminal investigations to take months if not years to complete and result in prosecution. If it was easy as "if the facts presented are true" then our criminal justice system would not be what it is today. Moreover, obstruction of justice is a relatively difficult allegation to prove. I don't disagree with your expectation of "more" from the justice system, but you should consider reality and not reality tv when drawing your conclusion.