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William Ayers, Still Inspiring Angry Blog Commenters

Lots of chatter this week in newspapers and blogs about the news that William Ayers will speak at Busboys & Poets on Monday. Nobody really took much notice of this when I blogged about it about a month back. Clearly I need to take more swigs of whatever Michelle Malkin's drinking:

The violence-embracing Marxist is on the lecture and media circuit, hawking his repackaged memoir, promoting a new book on race, and basking in all the post-Obama victory attention.

While pondering the idea of how glorious it must feel to bask in all the attention you'll get at a reading at Busboys & Poets—on a Monday night!—scroll through the comments of Malkin's post, which ponders shooting Ayers for treason or bombing his house. Must be part of that Republican party-rebuilding effort I've been hearing about.

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  • Arclight

    Aside from this guy being scum in general, why would anyone look to him as an expert on education? Check out how well he's succeeded at improving urban education in Chicago - that would be "not at all." But that's the great thing about being a college professor - you don't have to actually accomplish anything, you just have to attract attention. Kind of like running for president.

  • Mark Athitakis

    Sure, Arclight---there's no better way to attract boatloads of attention than to be a policy wonk about inner-city public schools. Puts you at the top of the news all day, every day.

    But, as my colleague Mr. McKenna would say, thanks for playing the feud....

  • Arclight

    How pathetic - only two comments on your blog, one of which you posted...and not even in response to my primary point that Ayers is far from being a successful school reformer.

    This blog should have a soundtrack of crickets chirping...

  • Sherman Oaks

    Arclight--your anti-intellectual spirit should be admired! Ayers isn't basking. You should read the New Yorker piece on him filed recently online. He's not basking.

  • Jason Cherkis

    Arclight--any proof Ayers has been a bust as an education reformer? Send me a link.

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