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Fancy Bike Guy, Where Are You?

Hey Mr. Expensive Bike Guy,

I couldn't help noticing this morning that you weren't whizzing past me on my way to work–the Four Mile Run trail, the Mount Vernon trail, and the Rock Creek trail were absolutely free of guys on $3,000 carbon-fiber Cervelos and Colnagos who don't signal with bells because those add 25 grams. I didn't see even one person in a moisture-wicking lycra suit covered in logos for European utility companies.

Nope, just cyclists with morbidly obese steel-frame bikes with fenders, racks, and waterproof panniers. I saw more runners than cyclists this morning. Runners! Washington, D.C., runners! The kind of people who wear polar fleece both for dining AND working out.

You couldn't have been worried that your clothes would get wet–I can't believe you dress like an extra from a Hungarian sci-fi film in your office. You couldn't have been worried about how the rain would affect your bike–it's made of plastic, after all. You couldn't have been worried about your time–mine only went up by five minutes this morning.

No, I guess you were just scared of a little water. Which is too bad, especially for those supposedly committed to a greener, simpler lifestyle, because there's nothing greener than Rock Creek under a curtain of life-sustaining rain, and there's nothing simpler than this: If it's morning, you ride.

Anyway, too bad you missed the day; it was really good riding this morning. No amateurs on the trail.

Photo by Flickr user MoBikeFed

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  • Ernest

    There's a difference between living to bike and biking to live, Andrew.

  • Amanda Hess

    My shoes are wet!

  • Andrew Beaujon


  • ross

    you and your all-weather bicyclist elitism can have as good of a time as you want in the rain. Maybe if i biked as slow as you do I would bike in the pouring rain, but after the first time I spent a day and a half in the hospital after colliding with a car at 23mph i decided to cut back on the pouring rain thing.

    i was on the bus this morning, and that doesn't bother me a bit.

  • Darrow

    ross, any chance you hit that car because your eyeballs were glued to your trip computer and or watt meter to see just how fast you were going?

  • ross

    actually darrow, it is nice of you to ask. I was in fact commuting on my city bike at the time. but thank you for your polite question.

    as for whether i was staring at my trip computer (which i don't have) i wouldn't know, my memory of the situation is non-existant. but again, thanks for your consideration.

    good luck in your next accident. i hope you get doored.

  • Hans E.

    Andrew, my old friend!

    The only thing worse than a self-righteous cyclist is a self-righteous cyclist in white lycra. So, y'know... at least you're not destined for the hottest circle of Hell. Yet.

  • Keith

    What’s the deal with the judging thing?

    I have been biking to work for 25 years. But I have no problem with taking a day off because it’s raining. I walk to the metro read my book and see how the other half lives.

    I bike to work because it is a fun way to get to work not to proof that I’m a saint or how tough or what a masochist I am. It’s not a statement it’s just a way to get to work. So I Andrew I tip my umbrella to your fortitude but please don’t judge me.