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Watch: CP Staffers On Cop Stakeout!

This past weekend, a series of shootings rattled Petworth. There was a shooting on Marlboro Place causing multiple injuries. A fatal shooting at Georgia and Allison. And a burst of gunfire at 8th and Crittenden (only a bunch of cars were shot up). It provoked a promise from D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier of a devotion of resources, manpower, etc. If you live in Petworth, Lanier asserted you'd see a "saturation" of cops.

Last night, we decided to factcheck Lanier's promise. We saw one cop on Marlboro Place. He sat in his idling cruiser, his laptop set to his AOL account. Georgia and Allison was quiet. At 8th and Crittenden, we saw only an empty cruiser parked up the block. We decided to wait and see if any real cops would ever show up.

We listened to reggae in our Corolla. We ran out of small talk. We swapped college stories. We got excited when a cab pulled up. We watched neighbors parallel park. And we got real bored and real cold. Watch:

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Video by Ted Scheinman

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  • Amanda Hess

    Okay, but who's on bro watch? What's on tap for the next stake-out? Starbucks World Music? Something in a pita?

  • sara.h

    what a disappointment. you would think that after the last few days they would have a greater presence than just an empty cop car in that area.

    internet video at its finest!

  • Ernest

    Good video. Very.

    You gentlemen committed a valiant act of courage. Personally, I have never conceived of anything more dreadful than Petworth on a wintry night. Good thing that criminals never arrived.

  • Jamie

    I think I saw a tumbleweed around 1:20. That was awesome when the car came!!

  • Brian Reed

    Of all the college stories you could've shared about me...

    ...that one was the least embarrassing.

    Thank you, my friend, for sparing me some online wrath.

  • Ted Scheinman

    A freebie, my friend! Chalk it up to professional courtesy.

    Of course, if the Alaskans get their hands on this thread, I can't answer for the consequences....

  • Fiki Fan 34

    I won't let you get off THAT easy, Brian. Let's see:

    How about the time you were disciplined by the university for making out with a brass dolphin perched atop your shoulder?

    Or the time you were disciplined by yourself for making out with a woman perched atop a phallus in the New Mexico desert?

    Or the time when, in an ophidiophobic frenzy, you did your best to destroy your roommates' treasured possessions, hindered in your efforts only by your extreme inebriation?

    Oh wait, that was just a couple weeks ago...

    Alaskans, unleash your fury!

  • Alaskan

    I'll respond briefly for now - i have a plane to Bahrain to catch.

    I recall a shared misadventure with said Brian Reed in which we and others endeavored to break into the hallowed headquarters of the nation's oldest college a cappella group - The Whiffenpoofs - as they frolicked about campus on their annual tap night.

    This was both a legally risky and messy undertaking, as we intended to break and enter the premises, clear the main hall, fill it with 240 lbs of cat litter, and deposit a dozen or so smuggled human turds and a cat while they were out.

    Understandably, we took great pains to find ski masks, gloves, and different shoes to prevent any attempt on to identify us. We gathered at a nearby building and sneaked quietly and carefully up to the Whiffenpoof dwelling, our ski masks on and bagged feces in gloved hands. Brian Reed, however, in a fit of boyish elation, charged to the front of the line - ski mask resting on top of his head, his visage exposed - and turned the corner directly into the security camera of the Whiffenpoof building.

    Needless to say, we proceeded and accomplished what we set out to do, with the exception of preventing the discovery of our identity. Brian Reed was held accountable by angry Whiffenpoofs and narrowly avoided legal action.

    All in a day's work for Fiki 34

  • John

    Why are you losers harassing our Chief of Police?
    The lone cop car proves there is a police officer living in the neighborhood.
    Your lucking there wasn't a drive by.

  • A

    There are parts of the city that have CONSTANT problems with robberies, violence, sexual harrassment/assualts, and gun fire.
    You white newcomers,gentrifiers, and twenty-somethings need to do more than sign a lease and put an "OBAMA 2009" sticker in your window to fit into DC.
    GET OVER YOURSELVES AND WAIT YOUR TURN! That "hood" had crime before you came and the old residence couldn't always expect swarms of cops to STAY in the area indefinitely (though they have made such demands, too in the past).
    The Fenty/Lanier administration is very pro-newcombers/gentrifiers. If there was only 1 cop wasting time sitting on your street, then that was all that could be REASONABLY spared!!