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Watch: CP Staffers Meet A Pit Bull

At the Yum's on Kennedy, we set up shop last night to film patrons on the recent Petworth shootings. Things were going just fine. It was after 11 p.m.

Then a lady came running towards us. She had a warning for us.

Something about a dog on the loose.

She ran into the Yum's. We saw the dog—a pit bull. And yes, I admit, I scurried into the Yum's. Ted, I admit, played it cool. Even though they were safe inside, people screamed some more. I may or may not have screamed like an eight-year-old.

Eventually, I calmed down enough. Ted got some footage of the pit bull. For City Desk. We are very brave. We should be given an award or a free lunch.

We also captured the musings of one Petworth resident about pit bulls, a recent stabbing, violence in general, the police, and Obama:

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Video by Ted Scheinman

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  • Sherman Oaks

    That dog looked harmless. It looked scared.

  • sara.h

    yeah, especially with that diaper stuck to its paw!!

  • Dave Jamieson

    And I thought I was a candyass when it came to dogs. That thing was hobbling in the other direction!

  • Puppylove

    That poor homeless dog. Maybe instead of acting like children next time you see a lost dog, you will contact animal control to have it transported to safety, shelter and food. Pittbulls are some of the sweetest dogs out there, and your video shows it. DC Animal Control/Washington Humane Society (202) 576-6664

  • Citizen

    Pathetic. Is this your idea of a 'Walk on the Wild Side'?

    Go back to the suburbs before you see something really scary.

  • SimplyAPBT

    Sorry to disappoint you, but that's not a pit bull. It's an American Bulldog.

  • Pop Cesspool

    Citizen: Wasn't "Walk On The Wild Side" about transvestites?

  • Jon Bozak

    Who's the editor that's allowed this to go up? This is worthy of our time? I didn't know City Desk was an outlet for the blog writing that Myspace rejects. Garbage.

  • Mike Riggs

    Jon: Judging from your website, it seems you've a soft spot for pit bulls. I could be wrong, but I don't think Jason or Ted harbor any ill will towards the breed. So why the invective? Was the video not "street" enough? Did the reporters have too much fun? Was the ride too slow? Not enough ketchup on your hot dog? It's always a goddamn epidemic of dissatisfaction with you, Jon.

  • jon Bozak

    Mike: Thanks for the personal inventory and insight. You had me at 'Says'. No, really. Interesting that I'd get under you skin so easily. Really interes...actually not.