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Private School Roundup

Just on MSNBC: Sally Quinn predicts Obama's daughters will most likely attend Sidwell Friends....

How predictable.

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  • Adams Morgan

    Look, while I would love for Obama to send the girls to DCPS, let's be practical here shall we...Most private schools are much better equipped to deal with the security that will come with having the Obama girls there, especially Sidwell which has just gone through this not that long ago with Chelsea. Yes, Amy Carter went to DCPS, but these are vastly different times than when she was in school.

  • Reid

    What's utterly predictable? That the Obama girls will attend Sidwell, or that Sally Quinn continues to be paid attention to despite the fact she hasn't had an intelligent thought since late June, 1975?

  • hmm

    Sidwell is so played out. The Field School is where it's at.

  • Arthur Delaney

    The Washington Post Metro section today predicted that the Obamas will make the sensible decision and send their daughters to Georgetown Day School.