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Cold (on) Turkey

Call me a Communist. But I don't like turkey all that much. If I did, I'd eat some of those awful oven-roasted turkey sandwiches at the deli, but frankly I'd rather eat the plastic that encases the meat. Don't get me wrong, I've choked down (and sometimes even enjoyed) dry, tasteless turkey during Thanksgiving—if, of course, it's drown in enough gravy. Yeah, yeah, I've read about the Los Angeles Times' great turkey recipe, but I don't see myself leaving a salted bird in the fridge for three days. Please. In this video, Alton Brown offers a simple, foil-based way to make crisp, tasty turkey that cooks the dark meat without drying out the white stuff. Sounds pretty good (though I do pine for the deep salty flavor of the Times' recipe). So what's your method?

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  • Mike Riggs

    Fried turkey is the shit. Crispy, greasy, and salty on the outside (not breaded), juicy like juice on the inside.

    Maybe it's a southern thing? Do people fry turkeys this far north?

  • Arthur Delaney

    Contratulations to Tim Carman for having the courage to admit he doesn't like turkey. Now, who out there will do one better and admit he doesn't even like his family?

  • Amanda Hess

    I always have turkey on Thanksgiving, but I rarely see any family members. Values: delicious.

  • cminus

    So what’s your method?

    My method? If you really want to eat quality turkey, get a Narragansett. The modern butterball turkey is an abomination unto God.

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  • Ernest


  • Reid

    Now, who out there will do one better and admit he doesn’t even like his family?

    No problem: I hate Tim Carman's family.

  • Arthur Delaney

    Gad, Reid/Ernest, what a perfect pair of cranks.

  • Ernest

    Tedious, still.

  • Andrew Beaujon

    Brine, and for a nice touch, slide some sage leaves under the skin before roasting for a nifty stained-glass effect. I've wanted to try beer-can turkey for a while but I need a bigger grill. And a really big can of beer.

  • sara.h

    fried is really good. juicy.

    ernest is a hater.

  • Mike Licht

    Smoke that gobbler. Keep the heat fairly low and a pan of water in the smoker. Start the night before.

    If you cannot spare the time, or lack the traditional gourmet's 55-gallon-drum smoker and split oak woodpile, the folks at Eastern Market will smoke a turkey for you.

    Buy more turkey than you need. Why? Smoked turkey sandwiches.

  • Ernest

    You make things sound more exciting, Mike.

  • creative meat


  • Tim Carman

    I can't believe it took 14 posts for someone to finally swat this softball.

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