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So Long Frank Winstead?

As we all have figured out by now, BOEE is not the most reliable. But according to their latest updates on election returns, notorious ANC Commissioner and Ping Pong Hater Frank Winstead has lost his re-election bid. He got thumped:

Tom Whitley: 460 votes.
Frank Winstead: 161 votes.
Write-In: 11 votes.

This may be a huge victory for Mr. Whitley. But it's an even bigger victory for Ping-Pong enthusiasts (and folks who generally want to sit outside a coffee shop or book store or pizza place)....

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  • Dave

    Yay!!!!!! Long live ping pong in the District!!

  • Aaron

    If only Ramon Estrada had lost, too.

  • Jamie

    Let's save room for Frank on the rail that we'll be running Bush out of town on.