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Insane Person of the Night

And the winner is: The lady in the grandiose white hat at the corner of 6th St. & Rhode Island Ave. who yelled at me, as I rode past her on my bicycle, "Barack Obama! Sieg Heil, Nazi! Sieg Heil on that bike of yours! Nazi!"

Can anyone top this?

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  • Michael Gushue

    Not for the immediate effect. But look up "A Letter in 2012 from Obama's America" an "anonymous" piece of literature being circulated by the Focus on the Family folks.

    But leaving all that aside, wasn't it a total charge to vote yesterday?

  • Nikki

    Heading up from U Street to Columbia Heights on my bike last night a group of people at a bus stop were cheering for Obama and reached out to give me high fives. I replied with an O-BAM-A with each pedal push up that monstrous stretch of hill, a passer by heckled and said "Bitch, you look like you voted for McCain."

  • Amanda Hess