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Improbably, I Receive a Write-In

Courtesy of a friend who apparently doesn't give a damn about his ANC representation:

Definitive evidence below the jump.

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  • Jamie

    Does anyone give a damn about their ANC representation?

    I voted for the bartender for "shadow senator" (whatever that is). Given a choice between a drunk driver, and possibly the one who gave him liquor that resulted in his felony, I went with the bartender.

  • al gonzales

    ANCs are a joke - a pathetic attempt at democracy. ANCs are as corrupt as the rest of DC "government".
    & Jamie, you're also right about the "shadow senator". "Shadow senators" are just another pathetic attempt at democracy, & again, as corrupt as the other DC officials.

  • Jamie

    What's I've learned is important about the ANC is not putting someone good in, but keeping lunatics out.

    For example, there were only two meaningful ANC elections this time that I know of. One was getting rid of Frank Winstead, who everyone hated. Some guy named Tom Whitley martyred himself and ran against Frank, winning easily. If Tom never shows up to an ANC meeting, he will be loved by his constituents.

    The other one was the election of William Jordan in my own ANC. Given the frequency and incoherence of his ramblings on various listservs throughout Ward 1, this could be a Very Bad Thing. But since he ran unopposed (as do most), he won.

    Interestingly Mr. Jordan still only got 69% of the vote without any opposition. Most other unopposed ANC candidates got about 97% of the vote. Telling, that.

  • Not Carol

    Your friend wrote-in Carol Schwartz?!?!? What a joke of a campaign she waged, both the Primary and the General.

    Good riddance.

    And all those Cuncil members who endorsed and campaigned for her... what were they thinking?

    Dumb dumb dumb dumb

  • cultureslug

    Some ANCs might be ineffective, or bad at getting out news about what they do to their constituencies, but Jack McKay from ANC 130D is the shiznit. He publishes and distributes extremely informative monthly newsletters and responds to queries, complaints, concerns, etc. in lightning-fast fashion.