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Ward 6 Exit Polls Reflect Delaney’s GOTV Push

According to Ward 6 exit poll surveyor Arthur Delaney, Ward 6 ANC candidate Arthur Delaney is garnering early afternoon momentum in the race.

"At least a dozen people said they voted for me," Delaney GChatted, "[and] not a single person said they wouldn't vote for me."

Is Delaney headed for a blowout? Contacted seconds later, also by chat, the candidate said that much of his support is probably due to the single-beer plank of his political platform.

"Sometimes you just want ONE!" Delaney said. "The slogan resonates with everybody."

Delaney says he plans to spend the afternoon addressing voters' hunger and desire for change. "I'm home for a snack and to put on my jeans, which are finally dry."

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  • Ryan Grim

    I'm closer to tracking down whether Delaney's post at City Paper are legal. Wesley Williams at the D.C. campaign finance office says the legality would depend on the value of a City Desk blog post. "It might be over the contribution limit," says Williams.

    Delaney may end up subpoenaing City Desk traffic data to prove that the contribution was worth less than the legal limit.

    Regardless, Williams says, win or lose, Delaney is now required, by virtue of his write-in campaign, to file a summary financial statement within 30 days of the election.

  • Nikki

    Chill out Grim, sounds like you could use one beer.

  • Ryan Grim

    Or two. But i'll buy them separately as singles in support of delaney

  • Amanda Hess

    Never buying a six pack again. Solidarity in singles.