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Ralph Nader Makes Last-Ditch Effort to Acquire a Sense of Humor

On MSNBC, via Wonkette, Ralph Nader ended his presidential campaign today by hosting a press conference at which the long-time advocate for public disclosure gave one-word answers to every question he was asked. It's the kind of terseness you usually see only at pointless award ceremonies, and apparently it comes in handy at the end of pointless campaigns too:

The stilted question-and-answer session felt at times like a bad game of "Jeopardy." Reporters played along with little protest and reached for questions that led to one-word answers. Many even started asking one-word questions, though that wasn't in the rules.

But there were some telling moments. Here's a sampling:

What is your opinion of Obama? "Clever."

What is your opinion of Palin? "Developing."

And so on. In a word: Eh.

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  • Jule Banville

    Wasn't it this blog that reported he had earlier acquired a sense of humor while chastising the WaPo Editorial Board for not covering his campaign? The board told him it was because he had no chance of winning. He responded: Well, you cover the Nationals.


  • Mark Athitakis

    Clearly Ralph Nader's attempts at humor are so rare they qualify as newsworthy events. Blogworthy, anyway.

  • steve conn

    Actually, Ralph Nader will have the last laugh in 2012.

  • Mark Athitakis

    Hahahahahaha! Oh, you Nader folks....

  • Matt Willemain

    Ralph's pretty funny--and more often than people who make a point of ignoring him realize. I think that coming from a partisan place and looking for any excuse to insult Ralph on any possible quality leads you to pieces like these which only undermine your credibility. I'm supporting his candidacy, but can't someone like you, who feels Ralph is making a huge mistake, allow for the possibility of someone who makes huge mistakes in electoral tactics who none-the-less occasionally gets off a good joke?