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Delaney Campaign Update!

From the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics website: Incumbent Neil Glick has 39 votes. "Write In, if any" has two votes...only one of three precincts reporting.

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  • Adams Morgan

    To whoever is still working at City Paper...apparently DCBOEE has usurped DCRA and DPR as the worst city department because they will not have the final results of any ANC race until least that's what the Mayor's call center is saying (they are answering the phone for DCBOEE). There are less than half a million registered voters in this is this possible?!?!

  • ANC Commissioner Neil Glick

    Thank you, Arthur for your spirited campaign.

    I just checked the unofficial results this morning, where I received 818 votes -- the highest amount of votes for a candidate in ANC 6B, and second highest in all of Ward 6, and the 8th highest votes received in all of the City for ANC Commissioners. You probably received as many as 34 votes, but they have to be certified since they were write-ins.

    I am glad you interjected a discussion about the sale of singles in our neighborhood and in our City. The voters of 6B08 made their choice: they support the ban on singles.

    Getting the endorsement of your employer, the Washington City Paper is very impressive, and I commend you for that.

    And choosing to put yourself out there and being a candidate takes guts. I wish more people in America would do the same. We'd have a better political system if we did, unless we have a country of Sarah Palins, then, we'd be much worse for the wear.

    Can I buy you a six pack?

    Neil Glick
    5 term ANC Commissioner 6B08

  • Ted Scheinman

    Glick speaks!