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Studs Terkel RIP

Studs Terkel, radio host, oral historian, indefatigable promoter of Labor Day, and author of one of the best books ever written about American life, died today. He was 96. A brief obituary in the Chicago Sun-Times has this nice summation:

"He had a very full, eventful and sometimes tempestuous life ," said his son Dan. "It was very satisfactory."

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  • Will Atwood Mitchell

    Here's one of my favorite Studs Terkel audio clips, an interview with Bob Edwards from a few years ago on "mortality."

  • Tim Carman

    I'm really bummed about his death. I know Terkel had a long, productive life and career, but I'm still sad. The first time I lost a job in journalism, back in the '90s, I took up Terkel's work for the first time. I read "Hard Times," in a bit of overly dramatic self-identification with Depression Era folks. Then I went on to "Working." The stories shed some welcome perspective on everything, which was one of Terkel's underappreciated skills.