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Washington Consignment Closes, Still Owes People Money

Arlene Reba, 74, stood outside Nest, a new consignment shop on Wisconsin Avenue NW in Tenleytown, and peered in. The place was closed, but Reba caught a glimpse of an employee inside the store. The employee ducked out of sight and waited for Reba to leave.

Reba, it turns out, had a history with the people running Nest. The man behind Nest is John Coon, an entrepreneur who specializes in opening and closing consignment shops. Coon ran the recently shuttered Washington Consignment in Cleveland Park and operated another store by the same name on Wisconsin Avenue before closing it more than a year ago. Another Coon consignment store on Nicholson Lane in Rockville closed in August.

Per his travels in the second-hand-sales biz, Coon has attracted a coterie of regulars, with Reba among them. At Washington Consignment in Cleveland Park, Reba was “a friend of the store,” according to Coon. But the two have had a falling-out since Washington Consignment began going under. Reba lost trust in the store, where she knew all of the employees and had done business for several years. Others who claim they should have been paid and weren’t or were paid too little too late echo her concerns.

The Cleveland Park store closed Sept. 28. “We went insolvent,” says Coon, who sometimes lists himself as the store owner but is in actuality the president of a board of a directors of a company that owns the store, he says.

“It was a victim of the economy,” says Coon of his latest closed store. He needed out of an expensive Connecticut Avenue lease, and when he realized he was not taking in enough money to cover expenses—including paying his consigners—he decided to have a big sale, close up shop, and sell the store’s Web site and e-mail list to a new corporation, which owns Nest.

At Nest, he has combined all of his endeavors, making it one-stop shopping for cleaning services, painting, interior design, home-staging, and event- and wedding-planning. He turned an old rug store that, he says, “everyone told me had been going out of business for 20 years” into a brightly colored gallery of other people’s furnishings, complete with a parrot named Pedro.

The sale of the Web site and the proceeds from the new store are helping him to pay his old consigners, he says. But some of his old consigners feel they are getting a bad deal. Among those who’ve come forward, Reba was owed the most.

Reba, a retired teacher and travel broker who finds items at estate sales and the like and then consigns them, was offered store credit in lieu of a check from Washington Consignment for more than $2,000. She took it, she says, “because I figured if they closed, I would have nothing.” She picked out a 1920s-era Chinese emperor’s robe, a Japanese wedding coat, and a few small statues. “All of it had to be carried out,” she says.

Reba felt her account had not been zeroed-out; Coon says it was and then some. When Reba went in again a few days later, she spied a bronze panther someone had recently brought in. “I loved it,” she says of the small sculpture by artist Loet Vanderveen. She owned another work of his, a bishop sitting in a rocking chair, “and I had never seen another piece by him” before the panther showed up.

She says that because she felt the store still owed her and that she would rather have had the money than robes and wedding coats and statues, she would agree only to pay half of the more than $650 the store was asking for the sculpture. She wrote a check, which was cashed; she provided a copy to Washington City Paper. Coon’s take is that Reba took the panther after being paid in full, had to be tracked down before she paid for half of it, and that by not paying the other half what she actually did “amounts to shoplifting.” Reba, upon hearing this, secured on Monday a cashier’s check for the rest of the asking price and handed it to Coon at Nest. Both say she wished him well and then walked out.

Coon’s exchanges with Linda Miller have not gone nearly as well.

Miller has written several angry posts on the popular Cleveland Park Listserv claiming Washington Consignment has owed her $600 since 2006. On the store’s last day, Miller wrote:

I just came from there and was dismissed by the owner with a surly, ‘Oh. it’s you’ I’ve been reading about you (what I’ve written as a customer(s) who up to now has been stolen from, since we are not being paid, (Way to go CP List Serv!!!!!) He then ran out…and said he would be back in 20 minutes. His take is that my $600 payment was 2 yrs ago ago and he has to research it. I told him my attorney would be calling him and he said, ‘I’d much rather deal with him rather than you”.

Coon says of Miller: “Linda Miller is a nut.” He confirms he told her he would rather deal with her lawyer but takes issue with the rest of her account. He was already leaving, he says.

Miller says: “I think he is the crazy one because he doesn’t pay. What kind of businessman is this? He comes across like some kind of pillar of the community and he’s not paying people.…I want my $600.”

The deal at Washington Consignment and at all of Coon’s stores has been this: When your items sell, you get half of the sale price and the store keeps half. Anything that doesn’t sell within 90 days must be picked up within one week. Anything that is not picked up within that week becomes the property of the store.

Both Miller and Coon say Miller turned over “hundreds” of items to Washington Consignment. Miller says these included an antique desk, plates, a table runner, burgundy pillows, a throw, Italian pottery, art, a table, and various other furniture and accessories from several homes she is trying to either sell or rent.

Coon says she was allowed to pick up unsold items after the one-week window. Miller says the store broke some of these items. Coon says it’s possible “a couple of figurines” were damaged. Miller says, “That’s a lie. I’m not into figurines.”

Coon’s records show she was issued two checks, for just under $600, and that the bookkeeper went so far as to give her the number of the checks. Although he said he would research her account, he has not checked to see if Miller cashed the checks.

“It was so long ago,” he says. “We don’t have these bank accounts anymore.…I would have no problem dealing with her in a rational, reasonable way, but when she’s trashing us and then saying she’s going to sue me…it burns me that I have to dig back into this.”

Another consigner, Deena Gorland, has been in touch with Miller through the Listserv and sympathizes with her. Gorland, a photographer, consigned only one item, a statue of a Tibetan Buddha that belonged to her ex-husband. “I wanted to get rid of the bad karma,” she says.

The store employee who took the item wrote it was “the real deal” in a record of the transaction. Those same records show it sold for more than $200 in February and that Gorland was issued a check on Oct. 8 for $101.25, eight months after the sale. Coon says the check was delayed because “we must have missed over her.” The check was mailed this week, he says.

“He doesn’t owe me a lot of money, like he owes Linda. It’s the principle of the thing,” says Gorland. “I run my own business…and I’ll say I’m going to get you these prints, and you pay 50 percent up front and the balance when you receive them. I run my business in an honest way. I do not shimmy-shank people.”

Gorland was angry enough to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB, according to its Web site, opened a file on Washington Consignment in March 2007 and, after receiving five complaints within 12 months, issued an “unsatisfactory record.”

Coon says the rating is misleading. “There were late payments, some of them toward the end, and there was one [complaint to the BBB] where we never got the letter about it. If you don’t respond to the BBB, they just assume you’re the bad guy,” he says. The BBB report does show that Washington Consignment resolved all but one of the five complaints, listing it as a “contract dispute.”

Another consigner, Eleanor Oliver, says she had a running complaint with Washington Consignment that was settled after she heard they were going out of business and posted her thoughts on the Listserv. “I’ve had no further problem since then,” she says, “but it took going public to get the money out of them.” She was owed between $150 and $200.

With Stephen Geoffray, the stakes were higher. He sent Washington Consignment a fine dining table that sold within a month for about $2,900, he says. When informed the store was closing, he was asked to accept two payments, one in July and one in August. He declined and made several more calls requesting full payment.

“After my nephew stopped in, I was told I could expect about $400, which I received...,” he wrote in an e-mail. “I received a letter dated Sept with a check for about $57.00 saying that…I would be paid in full but no specific terms.”

Coon says the letter stated he would receive monthly payments, but does understand Geoffray’s frustrations.

The bottom line, says Coon, is that “I was part of a business that failed.…We made a decision to let it go, but it was never an option that people would not get paid.”

(City Paper photographs by Darrow Montgomery)

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  • Julie DeVol

    After I didn't get paid, I agreed to accept a $1300 credit. The way I found out they were closing is I happened to be walking down the street the friday before they closed. I asked him if he was going to alert his credit customers and he rudely replied that it shouldn't have taken me so long to find something.
    I decided to use as much of the credit as I could in hopes that I could consign elsewhere and recoup some of the money I lost. ( Most of the items were junk that I got from his store that day.) I asked his clerk if he was getting anything else of value before the closing on Sunday. She said no and then a day later there were some chairs I wanted. ( I would have been happy to have them and would have left it that. ) When I went in to ask him to trade some of the junk I took for the chairs, he was incredibly rude. I told him I knew he owed many people money including a neighbor, my mother in law and one of her friends and Francesca Dahlgren ( my friends mother and he acted like they were great friends.) He screamed at me in his store and I fought back. ( A women I didn't know in the store couldn't believe he was treating me , a good customer. like he was. She even made a comment to him about how he shoud pay up. I really wanted my money and not some junk so I left an item ( it was a statue ) that I picked up out of desperation the friday before and it was valued at $300. I told him I wanted to be on the list of people to get paid and he dismissed me. He told me to take the statue. I didn't, I just left. He did end of paying Francesca after she fought with the father and John. ( She seems to be happy to be paid but I know she won't be shopping at any store he has in the future. ) I told him I would call an attorney ( my husband ) and he said, "Go ahead, do whatever you're going to do. Kill me or whatever". He is a very strange, slimey business person. I am sure there are many more people he owes that just don't want to deal with him. I did track down his new landlord who is a very nice man. He was bummed that he didn't know the background on John before the lease was signed. ( I forwarded him the Cleveland Park listserve comments. ) I am sure he will do whatever he can to stay on top of the payments but ultimately Nest will close too. I just feel sorry for the people that consign with him now and don't know what a underhanded business person he is. Call me if you want more. I have heard all kinds of things about this guy. My number is 202-253-4084. Thanks for writing this article. I hope other publications will follow you.

    Julie DeVol

  • arleen brother

    I consigned furniture at Mr. Coon's Rockville store in June -- it all sold -- the value was $2,115. They kept the money.

    Isn't that illegal? Isn't that called theft?

    No amount of creative story telling can make it otherwise.

    Over three months later after many evasions and "untruths" I received a check for $50.00. Too little too late.

  • Not Open To Disclosure

    The Loet Vanderveen statue of the Panther that the above person got belonged to me. I consigned an entire household with them in August, inc. 2 Loet Vanderveen pieces. One was the Cheetah (not a Panther) and the other was a Mountain Lion. I have the original certificates of authenticity on both of them.

    My consignment amount is far above the amounts you all mention above by triple digits.

    If what you all is saying is true then yes, this is fraud, grand larceny, and a "scam" and it would be prudent to report this to the District Attorney's Office in Washington that he can be charged and prosecuted to swindling people out of their money. No different from those people that claim to sell you something and then that "something" doesn't exist.

    Why doesn't everyone get together and file a lawsuit against him and also everyone report to the DA's office so that they can pursue and prosecute? If they don't know that he's doing this, they cant' take action on our behalf.

  • Report Them To Ripped Off.Com

    You all should report this business to Ripped Off.Com and see what they can do. Also, why not call 7 on Your Side and let them get involved?

  • J Fowler

    I am incredulous that John Coon can still operate any business in this area with such a lousy reputation. I, too, had a very negative experience with Washington Consignment. The first time I consigned items last year, the check I was sent from the store bounced and it took another 3 weeks and several phone calls to get a new check cut.

    Last summer, I brought an upholstered chair that the store sold. I never received any money because the store claimed that the period of consignment had ended.

    I would suggest that everyone avoid doing any business with Nest. Clearly, the operator has a long history of business practices that are, at best, questionable if not downright dishonest.

  • Lorraine

    My step-father consigned items at Washington Consignment and he also is due over $1100 which was never paid. He started the consignment period in June of 2008 and was supposed to be paid monthly for items as they sold. Throughout the consignment period (which ended in Sept), he was told that many items were sold, but he never received any money. He visited the store (in Rockville) at the end of the consignment period to try to collect his money and any unsold items. He was told he'd receive a check in 2 weeks (which didn't happen), he took some items, but many others were missing and their status could not be determined. He was told that they might have sold or might have been transferred to the Conn. Ave. store. Both stores have since closed, leaving no phone contact information, emails have gone unanswered. Then last week (at the end of Oct) a letter arrived with a $50 check and a claim that he would be paid monthly for the next 2 years until the balance was paid off... Somehow I don't really believe this will happen. This is a disreputable business that is basically ripping people off. The owner has closed the Washington Consignment stores only to open up another new store to continue his fraudulent business practices.

  • Theres Strength in Numbers You All

    Yes, it would seem that you all are victims of fraud, embezzelment, and grand larceny (if over $500 on your items). You all need to get together (there's strength in numbers) and file a formal complaint with the District Attorney and a lawyer, who probably would take the case for the exposure. Don't forget to also report to the Better Business Bureau and Ripped-Off.Com who may investigate the case. There's also 7 on your Side and this might be a good story for them.

    Don't give up and let this person get away with swindling you all out of your loved possessions and your money.

  • Does Anyone Have a Copy of the Consignment Agreement From Washington Consignment

    If anyone who reads this happens to have a copy of the Washington Consignments consignment agreement can you please reply and leave contact email? We find this whole thing interesting.

  • Ketrin


    I too was a victim of Mr. Coon. I am currently owed $108 on pictures that were sold but have not received a single cent! I was told repeatedly a check woul dbe mailed first in early September, then late September, but I was out of the country for two weeks in October and there was no check and the store was closed. I have all my contracts and paperwork even an email correspondence from a woman who worked there named Rose who says she doesn't know how to get me my money. If anyone knows how to go about getting their money back please contact me.

  • Totally Ripped Off By Him

    I have been bilched by these people for a LOT of money. I plan to go after them. I have filed complaints with the District Attorneys Office, 7 on Your Side, and the Better Business Bureau. I would like the name of the Lawyer that Julie DeVol mentions. I think we should all sue them and do everything we can to shut down the store called NEST. I agree they should not be allowed to operate a business in Washington DC or anywhere else for that matter. I need a copy of the contract. Mine is in my storage unit. But I do have the complete list of what I consigned.

    Please, please report them to the above esp. the District Attorneys office. Also Google Ponzi Scheme and read...that's what it is. From the research I've done he is guilty of fraud, embezzlement, grand larceny, selling stolen merchandise (you take, don't pay, it's stolen) violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

  • Julie DeVol

    Woops! I obviously didn't proof read my post above. The lawyer I referenced does not specialize in this type of law. Also, the statue I was talking about was definitely not a panther. Thanks


    I do not know the owner on Washington Consignment, but I do feel bad for everyone involved. I owned Consign It in Silver Spring and decided to close last January 2007. Three months before I closed I notified everyone that had current inventory that I would be closing my doors and to pick items up or they would be donated.I had a sign posted that clearly said we would still take consignments, but the 'shelf life' would be shorter because of our closing date. I wish I had a 'going out of business sale' sooner because business really took off those last 90 days ! Maybe that's why the rug guys do it :-) Anyway, I went through the computer and sent everyone the money they were owed, and closed shop. I emailed everyone to please support CONSIGNMENT FURNITURE GALLERY in Beltsville MD ( 301 220-3210)and began my new estate sale and personal property venture. I would advise anyone wanting to consign things at shops to 1) Read and understand the contract. Ask questions if there is something you do not understand. 2) Get a list of everthing you've consigned and keep it until everything sells, gets returned, or is donated. 4) Get a receipt for any donated items 5)) Understand the deadline for your items-come back and get them if you don't want to forfeit credt for sales after the consignment period. Most shops leave it up to you to watch for your deadline, and they don't have the time to call everyone with expired items.6) NEVER leave anything on consignment with just a verbal agreement-If a shop doesn't have it terms in writing, walk out. Having sais all that, I really do miss having my shop and the best thing about it was all of the nice people I met. I still like to shop at CFG and it's always a treasure hunt. Good luck, and please don't let one person spoil it for the rest of the good shops out there...

  • Anne

    I am another one...I didn't realize I had been ripped off until just now. I noticed that the store had closed a while ago but I thought I would just contact the other store to follow-up on getting paid for an entry hall table that they sold this summer. I guess not!

    I do have a copy of the contract - for the person who is interested.

    Any lawyers interested in taking on a class action law suite against this swindler?

  • Jack

    As scoundrels go, the owner of Washington Consignment, John Coon, has had a reputation for dishonesty for ages. Go to any consignment store in the area and the mere mention of Washington Consignment results in the comment “how much money did Mr. Coon steal from you?” Washington Consignment store formerly located on Wisconsin Ave was ordered closed for lack of rent payment. He did not loose his business because of the economy; rather he is evading the debt he has incurred. He owes customers thousands of dollars and makes it impossible to recoup. He moves money through various companies that he owns with his partner. He uses your money to travel and party around town in expensive restaurants. He is a sweet talker and usually convinces the customer that is not his fault you don’t get paid, but the mail man or some other excuse. He also sends unsigned checks so they cannot be cashed. The tales go on and on. This man is a candidate for hustler of the year and should be in jail. He may declare bankruptcy just to evade paying to all previous customers.

    If he owes you money or merchandise you can locate him at his mansion:

    [Address removed.] The home is updated daily with the latest flowers decoration and more.

  • Washington Consignment

    WASHINGTON CONSIGNMENT regrets that its closing has left a few people unhappy.We enjoyed providing a great service and had hundreds of very happy customers and consignors. We are committed to paying all debts.If you have not been contacted by us and feel that you are owed money please write to us at:

    Tally - Ho limited
    PO Box 39070
    WDC 20016

    We sincerely regret any pain caused.

  • Dennis

    Coon should regreat the many people he left unhappy, and all their workers that they suffered and were mistreated. I really hope this man will pay the consequences. I was one of the customers that one day left few pieces of furniture with a young men in the store in Rockville, and did not see the furniture, nor the money. Later on, I learn the horror stories of Coons the devil.

  • I know for a fact

    I could not agree more with Jack's posting of Nov 25th

    John Coon is a professoinal con artist. He rapes his business bank accounts to support his lavish lifestyle with his partner Josh Turk who owns a dog walking business called Puppy Love. Make NO mistake he lost 3 leases in 11 months LONG before he had the " economy" to blame and a point in fact is other consignment shops are doing well with people shopping for bargains and consigning items to make extra cash.

    You are also correct his address is [Address removed.]

    I would not waste my time writing to the PO Box , it's just more delay ,delay ,delay . A man like this who has been corrupt and without morals ( and a one time prostitute by his own words) will not suddenly come clean - He always has an angle !

  • Washington Consignment

    Be aware the anonymous posts above are being planted by a Washington Consignment competitor and its associates to create a false impression. We have been informed by a loyal customer that they are "working the phones". We are committed to paying all debts associated with our closing and are making great strides in that regard. Again, please contact us at the addressee above if you have any questions.

  • Will Atwood Mitchell

    Please do not post home addresses or the personal contact information of individuals other than yourself. Thank you.

  • James

    I am writing to inform you of the activities of Mr. John Coon owner of Washington Consignment, who owes me thousands of $$$$. He ran three stores, two in the District and one in Rockville Maryland. He has recently closed the three stores and has opened a new store called "Nest" on Wisconsin Ave. NW. - just up the street from Washington Consignment where he has bilked numerous people of monies owed, saying business was bad.

    The reason for this letter is to inform you that this man is a crook and should be put in jail. He bilked people of their consignments by ignoring their consignment contracts, and not paying them. Consignments which were sold by a certain date would be recorded as sold on a different date, there by decreasing the customer's profit. He is a cheater. He tells the customer to leave their property in the store after not being sold so the money could go to charities, he will lower the price so the piece will sell right away and keep the money. Nothing ever goes to charity, but instead into his pocket. If you bring something expensive he will tell you that it’s worth a very low price, he will then sell it to his friends, eBay or take it to his home. He will also keep peoples consignments and tell them that they have disappeared or someone stole them. He's a scoundrel!
    I have contacted the company where he had his computer serviced and discovered that his program was set up for "baking" the books. The individual I spoke to told me that Mr. Coon had the computer programmed in a very creative way. He does the billing work by hand so he can manipulate the records. He gets a lot of cash and it all goes to him. He has closed the 3 stores, taken money from droves of people who have no recourse. Then opened another store without informing anyone -particularly those he owes money. There is presently a coordinated effort to bring a class action law suit against him. When one calls the original consignment stores there is no forwarding address, no manner to contact him in person, simply a post office box.

    He also has other companies that where being run from his household now from the new store. This is pertinent as he is offering cleaning and painting in addition to his furniture sales and is using illegal aliens; frequently not paying them. The manager of one of his stores told me of an incident where several appeared at the consignment shop threatening to kill Mr. Coon; they ended up in his house and he was compelled to pay them; then, and there. Just another reason for moving those companies to another location.

    He has been doing this for years to so many people. Let’s stop it now and let’s get our money back. I am not a competitor; I was one of the many disappointed customers.

  • Washington Consignment

    The level of irrationality of many of the accusations now being hurled against the former Washington Consignment is reaching a point of ludicrousness which simply strains credibility.
    Would the “James” of the previous posting please reveal himself, that is, if he really exists? Washington Consignment does not owe any “James” thousands of dollars. One suspects this is simply a pseudonym for a not very clever fired ex-employee or thinly disguised competitor.
    Such accusations as these are nothing less than LIBELOUS. Anyone making such accusations should be prepared to answer. To make false and malicious statements with the intent to damage the reputation and indeed the prospect for future livelihood of any individual is a contemptible act and illegal.
    First, Washington Consignment used the same inventory control software that is the industry standard for all consignment stores. As anyone with even the slightest knowledge of this software, Liberty, or indeed computer science in general, would know, it is impossible to change or “manipulate” the program without leaving a record of the change.
    Washington Consignment has never had its computerized accounting software serviced or set-up by any outside technician so anyone claiming knowledge of how our accounting software is configured or more importantly that it was configured to “cook the books” is blatantly lying and shall be held accountable, in court if necessary, for this lie. The accusation that Washington Consignment sold items on EBay is laughable. Washington Consignment never at any time listed or sold items on EBay, either through the store or through any personal account of Mr. Coon’s.
    It is patently untrue to state that former Washington Consignment consignors had no way to contact the company. The company’s mailing address was, and continues to be, posted on the former Washington Consignment website,
    Using a Post Office box as a contact point is standard operating procedure in the case of an insolvent company. The primary point is privacy. We have already been witness to the despicable effort on the part of two posters in this forum to post the home address of John Coon online, an unacceptable invasion of privacy which would have not only affected Mr. Coon but his family, as well.
    The vast majority of former consignors were contacted by Tally-Ho Limited, the parent company of Washington Consignment, by letter before they ever had time to inquire after a mailing address. Those who have complained about not being able to reach Washington Consignment are in a distinct minority and a regrettable oversight.
    The core point is that the majority of the bile unleashed in this forum is personal and directed against Mr. Coon rather than based on any rational understanding of a failed business. The fact remains that there are dozens of satisfied consignors and dear friends of Washington Consignment who supported the store through the years and had their accounts successfully resolved when the store closed. Individuals, who will, if necessary, testify on the store’s behalf. But the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Washington Consignment will not be bullied or barraged with un-substantiated accusations and irresponsible threats. We will defend ourselves and our reputation.
    Washington Consignment strongly suspects that a few individuals are using multiple names to gang-post on this forum. The timeline is telling. Postings become less specific and more and more filled with conspiratorial theories as time goes on, even to the point of one poster encouraging readers not to even bother contacting Washington Consignment. This speaks for itself.
    Those wishing to contact Tally-Ho Limited are requested to write the company at the following address: Tally-Ho Limited, PO Box 39070, Washington, DC 20016.
    Washington Consignment will no longer post in this forum.

  • al gonzales

    Don't steal people's money, & then they won't say bad things about you. You're an idiot & a thief.

  • Wow!Another Customer

    I've noticed in following this blog that Mr. Coon keeps defending himself against these charges, however he fails to pay his consignors what he owes them even after acting so indignant about the whole thing. At a time when his store was "in trouble" he went on a nice vacation out of the country - back very suntanned. And yes, we checked into it as well and yes, he does have a rather nice home (according to city tax records worth nearly $2 million). We felt ripped off, but now we feel really ripped off. He keeps defending himself. If he is so honest why hasn't he sent a formal agreement showing a payment plan to his customers - not saying he'll pay - but actually showing the amount owed, an inventory of the items sold, and a payment structure that would indicated that he plans to make steady payments to those owed over a short period of time to pay them back?
    Instead what we see is that he keeps taking in new consignment items, keeps selling things, and keeps juggling money around not paying the others that he owes in some kind of steady, regular way so that they know that he's sincere about his wanting to pay his consignors that he owes, in full?

    He seems to read these posts pretty ofen so maybe he wants to explain to the readers here what his plan is to communicate with his current "creditors" that he owes money to and tell them exactly when he plans to pay them and how much he plans to pay them, over what period of time, so that they know that he's the good, honest man that he keeps claiming to be.

    Frankly, we are with the others who believe this is nothing but a stall tactic aimed at hoping that if he drags this out long enough people will just move on and forget and then his checks quit being mailed. At what point does he decide that he's "paid" in full? Or that he's not paying anymore? IF you are so honest Mr. Coon, why don't you just pay the people what you owe them instead of nickel and diming the payments so they just go away? Clearly, you could take out a home equity loan on your home to do that. Or get a business loan? Or what about a personal loan? If you can afford to keep another store open, take in new consignments, pay your mortgage, and take vacations you can afford to pay your consignors.

    We have learned a lesson and next time take your things to the store in Falls Church or the one in Bethesda. Where you get a complete accounting of your items, prompt payment, and honest dealings. I repeat, prompt payment.

  • Harriet Macolm

    I have never consigned anything with this store but I have several items I purchased from there in my home. I am sorry to hear that they have closed and I am shocked to hear of the unethical behavior of the owners.

    Does anyone know what became of that hairless cat that lived in the Connecticut Avenue store?


    I am from Charlottesville, VA, and I have consigned 5 items at the Washington Consignment in July 2008. My items are Tibetan antique chests and 2 statues. I keep receiving emails and phone calls from the lady named, Kathleen, either owns the store or works there that except for one shrine chest, rests have been sold. Untill now which is March 2009, I have not received any single penny. She left a message saying that now the store is closed down, and the new one is called THE NEST. Despite of several phone calls and emails, they never send us anything, they have excuses after excuses, like in the middle of the move, computers not hooked up, checks for items sold in September will be mailed in Oct. so on and so on. So, my husband paid a surprise visit at the Nest and met with John who said he is not involved, which is a Big Lie. Of course John was not at the Washington Consignment, when I drop off the consignment, but Kathleen kept on mentioning his name "John really liked your pieces and he and I wanted to drive down to see more of your consignments, especially some Tibetan rugs for Christmas sale"
    So, my husband met this John and had a rough conversation and no sign of Kathleen in the store. He said she has taken a break and he even left a message to her. My husband saw one of our piece at this store and he brought it back.


  • TheTeamOnYourSide

    Contact us at the following email address for more infomation and please provide specifics for your case:

    We will respond to you upon receipt of your email to confirm that you are legitimate person with a legitimate complaint against Mr. Coon and his stores.

    Please forward this to anyone that you know that was taken advantage of by Mr. Coon and who may want to be included in this process.

    The Team On Your Side

  • Atticus

    Similar to Anne's earlier email, if anyone is interested, I have a copy of the original Washington Consignment contract. Please email

  • Law Suit – Team on Your Side

    If any of you are interested in participating in a group lawsuit please email us at:

    We already have several people who have contacted us and the attorney will be holding a meeting sometime in the next 30 days (or less) at his office for those who can attend. INfomration will be sent to individuals who respond and not posted to this blog for privacy purposes.

    Please, if you have been a victim of this scheme and are owed money or know someone who is, contact us and participate in this.

  • Concerned Reader

    I can't help but notice the similarities between the now defunct Nest website and that of a new store in Georgetown:

    I liked the look of some of the goods listed for sale, but am concerned it might be another business associated with this scheme- does anyone know more about this new store?

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  • debmcd

    Find a reputable shop to consign with in the directory at
    Memebers operate under a code of ethics.

  • Eric Stephenson

    I would of told him either get me my money or ill beat you within an inch of your life. Simple as that don't let people walk all over you. Come on people these days needs to man up. I don't understand how people get scammed like this. What are you people thinking?!

  • treasure Hunters Roadshow

    I was curious if you ever considered changing the structure of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two images. Maybe you could space it out better?