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Bread & Chocolate: Toast?

The local food boards are starting to light up over a rumor that Bread & Chocolate (and maybe Ben & Jerry's) on Capitol Hill will be closing. I've tried call B&C several times, but the lines are busy, busy, busy! Calls to B&J are rolling straight into voicemail.

More as we know it.

In the meantime, let's recount some of the restaurants that have already died this year: Butterfield 9, David Craig, M'Dawg Haute Dogs, Montsouris, New Orleans Bistro, Colorado Kitchen, Meridian Restaurant, Bistro 123, among many others.

Man, it's getting ugly out there. If you have a favorite restaurant, go there. Now.

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  • SG

    Most on your list were not because of the economy (mostly management issues and infighting), and for every one restaurant that has closed, three more have opened up in this city. Amazingly, the industry is pretty healthy and growing.

  • Tim Carman

    SG, the restaurant industry is not that healthy, as I will start to detail soon.

  • creativemeatie

    When is the restaurant industry ever healthy? It takes a ridiculous amount of money to open one, the profit margins are small, it could take years to break even.