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This Halloween, Don’t Dress Up as Food

Does anyone really think dressing up as a taco or a banana or a PEZ dispenser is a good idea for a Halloween costume? Halloween is all about creativity–and free candy. C'mon, folks. Use your imagination. Going as a piece of meat is just a bad idea on all fronts. Going as a walking product placement for McDonald's or Wonder Bread without remuneration is even dumber. (Yes, I say that even though I'm wearing an Adidas hoodie as I type; but I'm not wandering from house to house either.)

If any of your kids want to go as a food product, veto that idea with extreme prejudice. Help them make their own costume instead—maybe go as gestation crate pig. At least they'll be making a bigger statement than that they support a faceless multi-national corporation.

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  • Mike M

    There's nothing wrong with a food as a long as it doesn't have McDonald's plastered across your chest. I've seen some parents dress their babies up as little chili peppers. It wouldn't be my first choice, but there is still some creativity in that type of costume.