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VIDEO: Flex(ing) Your Rights: How to get out of a Metro Search

A number of our readers have voiced their displeasure with the Metro Authority's new bag check policy. Steven Silverman of Flex Your Rights and his army of interns know how you feel, and they've got some words of wisdom: "We encourage people to say–clearly, calmly, repectfully–'officer, I do not consent to any searches.'"

City Paper interviewed Silverman and crew–as well as a few bystanders–outside the Dupont Circle Metro station as they handed out flyers informing riders that they have the right to refuse a search of their bags. One interview subject argued that the policy could lead to bigger and badder things, like security checks on the street–another subject said that happens already.

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Metro announced the policy on Monday, Oct. 27, citing the 3rd District Court of Appeals ruling in MacWade v. Kelly as legal grounds for voluntary searches for security purposes. But the new-born policy has plenty of detractors, like Flex Your Rights, which seeks to inform citizens on how to "protect your constitutional rights during police encounters," and Students for Sensible Drug Policy, which opposes allowing transit police to use the searches as an opportunity to make unwarranted drug seizures and arrests. Even the Post's Robert Thomson–the man behind the Dr. Gridlock column–opposes  the initiative. Here's what Thomson (who could be seen speaking to Silverman outside the Metro this afternoon) had to say about the policy:

I've been riding Metro for 20 years and never had a reason to reconsider it until now. I'm not afraid to ride the trains. I'm afraid of giving up the rights that hundreds of thousands of Americans did die to protect over the past couple hundred years.

Since the transit authority and it's board chose not to discuss this with the public before implementing its random search policy today, it's difficult for me to offer you a clear statement of why they think you should give up your right to be secure in your property for a $1.65 train ride.

City Desk on the new policy here and here.

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  • creativemeatie

    Tip #5: WARNING: DO NOT RUN!
    If you refuse to be searched and run into the station, you could be shot to death!

  • ANTI-BAG Independent

    There is no question, the fact is, if you are not your brothers keeper you are his murder and for what? your own sake of course! Some jerk offers to secure a LIE, that being ''the truth will not parish'', offers the the fruit of contempt by, exposing the Constitution, life, liberty, freedom and justice for all, saying the truth will not be devoured by the all consuming lying eye of Horus if they check innocense at some parallel universal star gate they opened up in order to rob Metro riders bags of innocence. Only a fool accepts the New World Order offer to entomb the truth for the sake of a lie claiming that knowledge of what's inside the bag, now in question, a question established by the lie, is a sacrifice innocence needs to suffer as an act of willful submission for the sake of the lie, the kind of lie that destroys innocence in order to establish control for the sake of the issuer of the self devouring principle. It's not just the 4th Amendment, it's life that is aborted by liars, thieves and the New World Order whores claiming to represent individual liberty by, sacrificing the principle, the Constitution, the truth, in order to sustain the interest of the forsaken, UN-penitent and brothers staking claim above the sustaining principle of the Constitution and in their own name, covering the fraternal need to support the all seeing lie inside their New World Order, the dead principle offer. It's the duty of all persons to ensure that any person offering the destruction or suspension of order, under the Constitution they must arrested all offenses on the spot, in order to sustain order. There is no legal right of authority to suspend the power of the Constitution for the sake of another principle, especially the one expressed by the President and the two party system which currently supports the New World Order evil on Earth. Americans continue to surrender principle in support of the Constitution to a redistribution system of power away form individual right, for the sake of globalism, in favor of the New World Order tyranny, currently issuing debt and unlawful orders to support and secure this New World Order cancer that requires no cause to check a Metro bag and thinks offering to do so is not in contempt of everything the Constitution stands for. Every day, the people are waking up to the reality that Capitalism only works in a free market that is run from the bottom up, not by evil scum trying to expose the entire world labor force to usury and socialism perched on top of the tomb it has built. The bag check represents the bouncing checks and imbalance caused by the principle behind all these idiot leaders in our country and the leaders in other countries like China, Russia, England, Israel etc... that are all using the same double headed eagle of Lagash, Star of Moloch and all the dark symbols of power representing the possessed, the lie calling to check the Constitution in the bag at the prison door. The winged Lion of Babylon calls out, filling the air of the New World Order market, saying ''no one can buy sell or trade outside the lie, no one can ride the Metro with a bag and not be subject to the New World order matrix of computers linked to the global security camera grid that has been slowly put in place by the leaping peace frogs calling for the New World Order ID system''. This is not American, it's a manifestation of pure prophetic evil. It time for people to just stop! Stop being ripped off, stop casting a vote to sustain the two party thieves, stop accepting the idea of the Supreme Courtship with whores and the lobbing corporate scum, stop showing up at the polls, stop showing up to work so debt can sustain power over labor... JUST STOP! If you don't, you will permanently carry the mark of the beast, as a beast of burden, a self devouring principle lie, a sacrifice on the burning alter of Moloch. Get a clue America, it is time to reconstitute the system and restore the OLD GLORY of our flag, with regard for the Red Stripes of history, for if we do not do this now, today, this generation will represent the field of blue and every fallen star on the flag shall be the state of our union, consumed by the white flag now representing the dead state of the Union in the field, as we the people stand in judgment, awaiting our inevitable hour. Fear not, especially any person in uniform issued any New World United Nation Communist UN-American Order they attempt to carry out by sacrificing the oath to the secure the Constitution they provided to receive their wage, the wage which protects and serves you as a result of your labor in agreement. They are not beyond your authority ever, so long as you sustain the Constitution as you stand. You have the power to arrest anyone and to resist all enemies to the Constitution in or out of uniform, in high office or not, foreign or domestic. Do not be silent, silence is equal with the greatest sin. It's time to be American, not just claim to be an American, that train has sailed and this current pirate ship that has control and global power in all nations, has more illiquid assets in favor of the New World Order Socialist than it can possibly sail with. Don't go down with the ship, don't support an inversion by providing labor for it because you think you can sacrifice the next generation in order to secure you current pathetic agreement with the lie. America needs to cash in the New World Order scum bag, not continue to suffer the indignation of the cup of fornication pouring out of the mouth of the beast offering to assault innocense represented by the 4th Amendment in your bag. Wake up and be prepared to rise in the name of life, liberty, freedom and justice for all or prepare to be arrested by your own stupidity. P.S. I'll be running through the bullet on my way to restore order, leaving behind the memory of death for the sake of freedom and eternal salvation. If some one in uniform asks to sacrifice the 4th Amendment, take note, then inform them, with mercy, of their offense, give them the order of dismissal and if they fail to obey, they are out of order and are subject to a citizens arrest. When the case goes to court, the fact will remain, the price for this offense can not be recover, only forgiven upon the restoration of order. Disorderly conduct is an impeachable offense and failure to uphold law is negligent. Honor, duty and due diligence is not reserved by representative authority, authority which personifies the socialistic reality and paycheck inside the Metro bag carrier as the true issuer an authority providing service for members in uniform, civil offices in charge of them and all individuals who freely submit to the tax required to sustain their charge. It's up to you, as the sustaining source, in agreement with the guiding principle, to maintain constant vigilance.

  • Ted Scheinman

    Riggs' posts attract a unique brand of commenter.

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  • Ernest

    That's because Riggs is a unique brand of a poster. I do NOT mean 'unique' in a good way. Thank you for your observation, Ted. Maybe you should make observations of this sort more often.

  • Curls

    In Israel private security checks bags on the way into everything from malls to larger grocery stores. It's no big deal. They aren't looking for privacy invasion, just deterring bombs. It works, & again, it's not a big deal.

    The posts for getting into the bigger train stations is more substantial since people have suitcases. The check itself gives a brief pause to see if someone's "nervous" or giving away a goal -- like wearing a full coat in summer.

    I don't get what the protesting is about. You can decline, on days where it matters, but they aren't riffling through your house -- just opening the top & peeking in. Nor targetting you specifically for harrassment, which is what the law of privacy was intended for.

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