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Is This McCain’s Base?

There are a number of these videos out there. But this may be the scariest. Wow.

Via Huffington Post.

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  • morninmist

    ah, more crap from Huff post.


  • KCinDC

    Yes, presumably Huffington Post staged the whole thing. Those are actually MoveOn and ACORN members pretending to be McCain supporters.

  • Bidu

    I will leave this land, the land of my father, the land of our fathers, i won't stay here if these nutheads take the lead, NO WAY.

  • Beldar

    What's crap about it? You mean those walking pieces-o-crap holding McCain/Palin signs?

  • Laura

    I sure am glad I don't live in a racist state. Arizona may be conservative, but we're not racist.

    Republicans = Racist and beyond ignorant.

  • SanePerson

    John Lewis was right. Palin and McCain promote this type of behavior.

    This is the whackjob GOP.

  • sara.h

    whether they promote it or incite it is really almost irrelevant. by denying that it happens, or denying that they're aware it happens, they allow it to continue.

    it's offensive to me, and it should be offensive to all Americans as being contrary to everything that this country is supposed to stand for.

  • zippe

    A vote for the terrorist obama should be prosecuted as treason against the US. This country is a democracy, not a socialist state. For the sake of your family, your job, and your country, vote to defeat this social affirmative action experiment the left is trying to foist off on us as a legitimate candidate!!

  • JT

    I think those folks are nutty, don't get me wrong. But, what good does it do you to chant Obama at a McCain rally? Why not hand out some literature, talk to people - tell them about the issues.

  • SanePerson

    Good point, JT