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Metro to Randomly Check Bags

Via the Post and Washington Business Journal, we learn that Metro Transit Police are gearing up to conduct random bag searches of Metro users. The searches, Lena Sun writes, will extend to "backpacks, gym bags and any other containers that riders carry with them onto the bus and rail system."

When will they start? "While the inspections themselves will not necessarily take place today, police have been trained and are ready to start immediately, officials said."

Also, if you're going to bring your weed on Metro, you probably don't want to put it in your bag. Fair be warned: "If transit police find illegal items such as drugs, the item will be seized and the person will be arrested."

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  • Mike Riggs

    Transporting pot via the metro seemed so much better than taking it in the car...I guess I'll have to walk my stash from point A to point B.

  • Andrea

    Are we sure it isn't just so Metro employees can get a cheap lunch? They better not confiscate my lean cuisine!

  • I

    No reasonable individualized suspicion and no probable cause means they don't get to search squadoosh.

    I'm more than happy to take a disorderly charge for resisting an unlawful and unconstitutional search.

    This is facism. How long have we been at Threat Level Pumpkin?

    The only terrorist is W/McSame.

  • Mike DeBonis

    If they're only checking bags, methinks you can keep your weed on your person and be A-OK.

  • KCinDC

    Seems to be the same useless policy implemented in New York. Instead of doing these pointless searches, the Metro police should be doing something about the real crimes that are happening in and near Metro stations and trains. That might actually save some lives.

    I'm wondering where the "thinking" behind this stops. Will it be movie theaters next? Shopping malls? Restaurants and bars?

  • No NWO

    Anyone dumb enough to assault the Constitution, while in a uniform sworn to protect and serve it, will commit a felony under the 4th Amendment and shall be place under arrest by me. Anyone dumb enough to resist arrest shall be charged with resisting arrest and any fool that assaults a citizen, whom has the right to serve and protect the Constitution against foreign and domestic enemies, is subject to the inversion of MCA 2006 which means, anyone can be tortured and killed without cause or review by the court, legislative branch or executive office, they can and will be subject to deadly force or imprisoned as defined by any jury or individual, as the inversion of MCA 2006 requires the people to take charge, as they define law in this case, do to lack of the OLD GLORY authority under the Constitution in this case as it now stands. To put it simply, everyone is assumed guilty as the law stands currently. If it were not so, this order would not be on the table. Even so, everyone is subject to the same right of principle unless we are all submitting to fascism as it now stands in opposition to the Constitution, as the Executive of the law currently represents standing without Habeas Corpus or Posse Comitatus etc... If America can't afford to secure the Constitution, for fear of ''MORE'' monitary loss, do to the needs of train passengers and fearful bastards that require privilege above normal order like, persons and institutions representing Corporate greed, legislative corruption and the Executive need for proper screening process and the cost thereof which serves the individual right defined by the 4th Amendment because, the perceived exposure ''freedom to carry a bag'' costs money and time from the current status quoe of, ripping off the tax payer beyond the bottom line now represented beyond reason and completely sucking dry even the letter of law ...and up holding law represents more exposure to the domestic enemy bottom line claiming it's unlawful New World Order privilege to illegally search and seize property, assuming people don't give a damn about law, well... what a pathetic mistake and a complete foolish thought. I worked for TSA at Regan, I have been in the military and I grew up a military brat. Our family represents the rank of PVT to LTG and has five retired stars. I did not screen all those sweet smelling idiot legislators flying out of Regan after 911, as I worked for so called ''Home Land Security'', for some forsaken Executive New World Order Compromise. Our family did not serve the country for nothing... did we? IF It is TOO DAMN expensive or too obstructive to ride with a bag, well then, like the liquid explosive in the water bottle that flew on the plane from 02 to 06, don't allow bags on the train at this time but, if you want a kick in your Fannie Mae I have another Sir Socialist New World Order Bastard, DON'T touch my bag or I'll see you in court after I get assaulted by an officer and falsely arrested for placing an idiot in uniform under arrest for trying to carry out an unlawful order, wrongfully trying to protecting and serving the Constitution! P.S. The idiot that came up with this is FIRED! The Constitution is not dead, so long as I remain free and alive. There is no cause or possible defense for a New World Order like this, if the Constitution is being up held, without out being subject to the security need of an imbecile usurping the authority of the Constitution and assuming the power to issue an unlawful New World Order against the Constitution they are sworn to secure. It's up to the press to do their job and find out, WHO THE HELL issued this unlawful order, so they can be dealt with legally right now! Fear not, stand fast in the name of God in Christ with love, freedom, mercy and justice for all. The truth is not a choice and it agrees with the love of God Yahshua, do no harm.

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