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McCain/Palin Crowd Watch Vol. 2

Over the weekend, Coates linked to this. The Sun Sentinel reported that visitors to the McCain campaign office in Pompano Beach were greeted with a signed that read:

"Barrack Hussein Obama"

The sign went on to compare Obama to Hitler, Castro, and Marx. (It actually looks like a placemat from some kind of evil Denny's).

The Florida paper went on to report:

"Shown a picture of the sign Thursday night, Broward Republican Chairman Chip LaMarca said he was 'disgusted' and would immediately go to the office and remove it.

'I'm speechless at the ignorance,' LaMarca said. 'It's not something we can condone. I'll find out who put it up there, and maybe they'll volunteer somewhere else.' The sign, on an 8 1/2 by 14 inch sheet of paper, looks like it was printed from a personal computer. It's part of a gallery of posters and signs on the wall immediately inside the front door of the office, near Sample Road and U.S. 1. The sign mocks Obama's call for change and asks what other figures "called for change in this fashion." The answer: Marx, Hitler, Castro, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini."

The "Real" Virgina:

CNN also reported this bit of crazy from a very visible McCain camp adviser:

"McCain adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer made a splash Saturday by drawing a line between northern Virginia and 'real Virginia,' which she said is the 'part of the state that is more Southern in nature,' a comment that may not sit well with the many residents of the commonwealth residing north of Frederickburg.

Using Pfotenhauer’s definition, however, Barack Obama and his running mate Joe Biden have out-campaigned their Republican rivals by a significant margin in “real Virginia.”

Obama has made nine campaign stops in central, southwest and southeast Virginia: in Martinsville, Lynchburg, Chester, Chesapeake, Fredericksburg, Lebanon, Norfolk, Roanoke and Newport News. Biden has made two: Castlewood and Fredericksburg.

By contrast, McCain and his running mate Sarah Palin have only ventured out of northern Virginia twice."

I have caught this adviser's act on television many times. But this takes the cake. What the hell is the real Virginia anyway? But nice of CNN to point out that even by this weird measure, Obama has kept it more real.

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  • Mike Riggs

    Hyperbolic comparisons aside, don't you think it's weird that the poster rallies against the youth vote? Conservatives are living in a cultural cryogenic chamber if they honestly believe 2008 looks anything like 1969 or 1917.

    I would totally eat off that placemat, but I'd spill shit all over it.

  • DCDominican

    marx was an economic theorist and philosopher that is still studied in most universities through out the world, agree with it or not, it is worth your time reading him, considering our country's take over of banks was recomended in thas kapital, it would be my guess that even the neo cons are re-reading Karl. o

    ther than saying that rural folk are idiots, which palin seems to prove, he was pretty much a pansy who never held any power.

    hitler and stalin were mass murderers.

    musolini founded fascism and was hung by dandys and italian partisians.

    fidel castro died 8 months ago though they dress him up from time to time and pretend he is alive.

    senator obama is the next president of the us.

    seems to me they just toss names up and hope people associate them with fear.

  • DCDominican

    hmmm. should read, other than saying...

  • Ron The Don

    Someone needs to pull Mrs. Pfotenhauer over, and give her a copy of book that Colin Powell wrote years ago blasting his own party for using the politics of division playbook to get votes. It will backfire on them one way or another.