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Vote Early, If Not Often

Hey Virginians: go vote! In Arlington County, you qualify for absentee voting if you have as little as a coffee date in D.C. on November 4. According to the guide you can vote early, by mail or in person, till November 1 if:

"you have any kind of personal business – it doesn't matter what it is and you don't have to tell us – that takes you out of the county on Election Day, or you will be on vacation."

Or if you're pregnant or sick or plan to be in jail or overseas.

Or, if you like standing in line and watching for voter intimidation, have fun.

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  • Adams Morgan

    Actually 34 states allow you cast a no-excuse absentee ballot and/or vote early prior to election this point its the states that require an excuse that are in the minority.

  • Angela Valdez

    My point was only that the lines will be long in VA.