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Rhee “Hasn’t Taken a Formal Position on Vouchers”

Here's the official statement from schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee on D.C. schools and the debate, via spokesperson Dena Iverson, who graciously dealt with LL's badgering text messages for the past two hours:

Mayor Fenty and Chancellor Rhee strongly believe that all families in the District of Columbia must have access to excellent public school options, and are committed to ensuring that students in every ward are afforded this opportunity. While Chancellor Rhee hasn't taken a formal position on vouchers, she disagrees with the notion that vouchers are the remedy for repairing the city's school system.

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    What's Rhee's position on philanthropy educational tax credits with her vision of Charter and autonomus schools with outside special interests ? Put it to the lemmon test ? What is Rhee's position viewing the distribution of decision making authority between different levels and actors in educational management and she's recognized as a gestapo.What is Rhee's position on the huge funding equities and distribution viewing school facility funding ? What is Rhee doing for positive school school climate and teacher working conditions to provide resources needed ? What is Rhee's position on NCLB and 10% a law unfunded ? Add AYP penalities and Title 1 ! Does she see equality in her school buildings ? Have the Special Education department problems been fixed and that is being reviewed by a judge and two attorneys viewing GS 94-142,FAPE under staffed and disorganized. Have school audits been published prior to Rhee taking over and to current for data improvement and results ? If you are in Public Education and have a vision of Charter and Autonomus schools with experimental approaches unproven and radical reform going on we'd like to see.Is there a consolidated budget for public review to under Rhee's funding formula under NCLB reinforcement and is the budget driven from the bottom up ? Does Rhee think it's fair to be firing all these teachers and principles working in buildings without support and resources viewing GS 115C-335 ? How many evaluators are in to view teacher performance ?

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    How's the crisis bargaining going with the teacher contracts and tell us about the abolishment statute now in appeals with the Supreme Court.When will Rhee will be meeting with the Union ?

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